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Its a day to celebrate Jesus birthday

Last night was a beautiful Christmas eve service at the
church I grew up going to. What a wonderful way to start Christmas.
My grand pa convinced me to wrap my grand ma’s presents and
apparently I went above and beyond what he was expecting. I wrapped
each present individually with beautiful red and silver paper. Then
I wrapped a beautiful green ribbon around each present and finished
them off with a pretty green ribbon. I wish Here is a picture so
you can see how many there are and how pretty they are. Talk about
hard work! I think I might have been hired to be my grand pa’s
wrapping forever now. To get to see my grandparents and share
Christmas eve service with them made me so happy and feel so
blessed. Getting to watch old family movies with the Duroy family
was a fun way to continue Christmas eve. My family never had a
video camera until I was almost in junior high so it is hilarious
to watch 8 mm films of Mike and the rest of his family plus I got
to see what his grandparents were like. Thank goodness for such an
amazing husband of mine because I woke up sick to my stomach this
morning at 5 a.m. Throwing up and not feeling good at all and that
is how I have spent my Christmas: asleep on the couch or trying to
hold stuff down. It is disappointing to see all the delicious food
at breakfast and dinner and not to get to eat any of it. That darn
24 hour stomach virus is no fun at all but apparently I have a
history of being sick on Christmas day according to my parents. All
well what a better way to show your love for someone then taking
care of them on Christmas day! So there will be no pictures of
Christmas 2010.

Cookies, Frosting, & Peanut Brittle

The first time in my life that I decided to make goodies for Christmas presents was this year. Thank goodness I had Mike at home to help me figure out how to make all of these delicious morsels.

So we decided to get out the cookbook with all my grandmother’s recipes in it and my friends led me to the right internet sites to find out how to make some frosting! So Mike and I decided to make chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, frosting, and peanut brittle.  Mike made sure we had some scupulas for baking. They make cleaning out bowls so much better than using a knife or something else with a flat edge, especially since I like to cut my fingers, whether in the anatomy lab or the kitchen.

We started out with some chocolate chip cookies. I just used the recipe on the back of the package. Thanks Hersey Kisses! They were quite delicious. Making things from scratch is so much better than just taking squares out of a package and putting them on the cookie sheet.

Then we moved on to the sugar cookies. I think sugar cookies might be my all time favorite cookie in the world, especially homemade sugar cookies. So after we got the dough made and put it into the fridge I realized once again just like last Christmas that we don’t have any Christmas sugar cookie cutters. So we had to improvise, we decided to use the pumpkin cookie cutter from Halloween and we could decorate the cookies like Christmas balls. Pretty smart huh! I love using my grandma’s recipes, besides hoping that the cookies are going to taste just like hers always do, I know how much love was always put into the cookies that she made, so I make sure I put that much love into my cookies.

So the frosting was rather interesting to make! Thank you Natalie, Haley, and the Pioneer Woman for instructing me the proper way to make the most delicious and sweet frosting that I have ever eaten in my life!  Making the frosting a pretty green and an actual red with food coloring was rather interesting too. I feel like I had to poor half of the container of food coloring into each little bowl of frosting to get it to be the right color.

So the cookies turned out looking beautiful and the sprinkles were not as messy as they could have been. I am glad that we have a good vacuum though, because that is how i cleaned it up.

I thought peanut brittle was going to be a whole lot more difficult to make then it was.  While I was at the grocery store I called my mom and she told me the ingredients to get and then when I got home we found the directions on the internet. They were just how I remembered my mother making the peanut brittle when I was a little girl.

So the peanut brittle turned out beautiful also. Thank goodness that Mike was there to help me. Pulling that mixture of corn syrup, sugar, and peanuts in and out of a microwave when it has been cooking, it is a good thing that we had a big mixing bowl with a good handle so that we didn’t burn our hands, because if you know me if there is a way that I can injure my hands it is probably going to happen.

Figuring out how to bag all of these goodies up was quite a task also. We have friends that love the peanut brittle, but what they didn’t know until this year is that my mother made it for them every year. Then we have all of our amazing friends in the city that I wanted to take goodies to because that was the only way we could do presents for all of them. Just so everyone knows the amount of cookies, peanut brittle, or anything else we gave you was not a comparison of how much we love you!!!! Even though I know you were just kidding when you said that.

So we loaded up the sugar cookies, peanut brittle, and chocolate chip cookies and ended the longest day that Mike and I have ever spent in our kitchen together by making grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

I hope everyone enjoys the goodies that for some odd reason Mike and I had the weird decision to figure out how to make and you can feel all the love that we put into them.

Merry Christmas friends, family, and all the rest of the world.

How many words can you spell?

House cleaned! Not only cleaned but deep cleaned. The lengths that friends will got to have their friends come over to their house for dinner, drinks, and games. Dinner parties are so much fun even when there are just four people.  Dinner party or just need to get together to watch some ridiculous television on Netflixx, have some delicious dinner, and just hang out with the people that have grown nearest and dearest to your heart you realize that these are the people that you will be friends with for the rest of your life. So you play Jenga and Scrabble and watch the boys get made because the girls keep kicking their butts at whatever game we play! Scrabble on a board in a room with the people that make life fun is so much better than playing words with friends. When you play words with friends and it won’t let you play a word that you swear is a word you just get pissed off at your iphone app, but in the real world you can challenge every word that might look like it could be made up or just to harass someone! Or you spell a word that you know is completely not a real word just to see if anyone else will catch it!

What a great night and I must say that I am the reigning Scrabble champion as of right now! I am sure it will not be long lived.


I saw my wedding dress hanging in my old closet at my parents house this weekend. It made me start to think about the past year and a half and how much life has changed since Mike and I got married. The year 2009 went by super fast and the year 2010 seems to have been the longest year of our lives. I can’t believe that it is finally coming to an end.

1. Start 2010 off playing FARKLE at Lindsay & Joel’s house

2. Ran a PR at Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

3. Got fired from my first “real” job

4. Found new job that I absolutely loved

5. Start own business, working 3 jobs

6. Get into Medical School

7. Find a house in Tulsa to move to & orientation week all within a month of getting accepted to medical school

8. Husband still living and working in OKC for 5 weeks

9. Start medical school

10. Husband quits job to go back to school!

11. Finals week! OMG talk about a way to end 16 weeks of studying everyday of the week

12. Get to end the year spending the last few weeks with my wonderful husband

Talk about some major life changes.

Being together since we were 16 & 17 years old there have been some enormous changes in our lives, but I think this year might take the cake with the biggest changes happening in our lives that are going to affect the rest of our lives together. Michael I love you and know that we will stand beside each other through thick and thin, through tears of misery and tears of joy. Through years of work and through years of happiness. Sometimes I get mad at you but there is not a day that goes by that seeing your face doesn’t make me smile and make me so happy that I have you to come home too when life has beaten me down and I have no strength left to get through my day. I know that you will be here.

never thought I needed a break so bad

There has never been a point in my life when I realized that I needed a break from the life that I have dreamed of and just down right begged for almost all of my life. Christmas break has been a savior for my brain, my body, and my spirit.

Going to see my family this weekend was amazing and getting to spend the last week with my husband was even better. I never realized how much free time I had in my life before medical school. Hopefully one day I will look back at this first semester of medical school and laugh with my spouse who made it through this with me.

I have found it very hard to share my husband with anyone while I am on my Christmas break. It makes me feel kind of selfish but then again I just think to myself, I can probably count on my fingers and toes how many hours I actually got to spend with him throughout the entire semester. So I feel that the 3 weeks and 6 days that I am out of school for should be all about us and us being together. Maybe that is a lot to expect but I just can’t get over that feeling of I want to stay connected to him and spend as much time with him as I can. Whereas, sometimes I feel like even though he got to see his friends and family all of the time throughout the semester he would rather spend time and hunt and help finish building a building that has been being worked on for about 5 months now. Sometimes I just want to say NO! can’t you just hang out with me!

I guess I should just get over it and deal with it but maybe not! Guess we will see how the rest of this break goes.

That was no fun

Is there a difference between not passing and failing a class? In most peoples minds probably not but ever since I started school I have come to believe there is. When you pour your heart and soul into a class to get absolutely nothing back from it is the most frustrating experience of a lifetime. Really people really a 69.4 is not passing! I would like to know the definition of the other letters grades in this class. Now I will spend 14 weeks of my summer hovered over a cadaver relearning the 69.4% if information about anatomy and hopefully adding at least another .5% of information. Blood, sweat, many many tears and all the hours of what was suppose to be the “last summer of my life”!!!! In the gross anatomy lab so that one day I will be called doctor and be able to help people.

thank God I survived!

Life has never been more emotionally and mentally hard for me ever!

Juggling a marriage, medical school, and trying to stay sane has been one of the most difficult things that I have ever done in my life. Thank God for my husband and my dearest friend Haley.

Michael has been here for me through a ton of stuff but medical school has been a tough transition for both of us. In the past 5 months our life has went from both of us working 40-50 hours a week to moving clear across the state, starting medical school, and Mike deciding to go back to school.  So our family is made up of two full time students. Working 50 hours a week and exercising 20 hours a week, is so much easier than going to school for 35 hours a week, studying for 40-60 hours a week, and getting to see Mike for 5-10 hours per week. It is not imaginable how difficult medical school and life is until you are actually in the middle of it. My husband has been the most supportive and positive person in my life. He knows when he is suppose to just listen to me and when he is suppose to curse and get pissed off with me about the stupid stuff that happens in life.  I am so proud of him for deciding to go back to school, I am chasing my dreams he should be too!

Since moving to Tulsa I am so lucky to have found the 4 most amazing women that I go to school with. Haley, Natalie, Brooke, and Danielle are the most amazing women that I have ever known. They are strong beautiful women that are super intelligent. I cannot imagine going through this past 16 weeks without them. They have helped me figure out how to manage the medical school part of my life.  Haley, is smart, beautiful, and I am pretty sure I spend more time with her know than I ever imagined spending with anyone other than my husband. When starting medical school I knew I was going to become good friends with someone, but I feel like we have made a connection that takes stress, hard work, and the depth of the emotional pits of a person to form. Natalie, I can count on her to encourage me to keep going and always have a curse word or positive thing to say based on the way that both of our days have went. Brooke, she is an amazing person.  Being married and having children then having medical school and all of her study mates to manage amazes me! When I think I am dealing with a lot, I look at her and know that if she can do it any of us can. Danielle is fun & smart and a great person to listen to me bitch about stuff, plus is a great angry typist!  Going through my first medical school finals week with these ladies was a tough experience that I couldn’t have made it through without them. I love it that they were there for me when I broke down and cried my eyes out, I could be there for one of them to motivate her to work hard because I know that she could get to the next grade, and that I watched one of them get pissed off, curse more than I ever thought curse words could come out of her mouth, and watch another one of them be the compassionate down to earth woman that she can be.This past week made us reach into our hearts, pray to God, curse professors, and praise one another.

Thank God I survived, thank God all of us survived. Thank God for the man in my life and the men in their lives who bring us food, let us cry on their shoulders, and get more pissed off than we do when things do not go our way.