I saw my wedding dress hanging in my old closet at my parents house this weekend. It made me start to think about the past year and a half and how much life has changed since Mike and I got married. The year 2009 went by super fast and the year 2010 seems to have been the longest year of our lives. I can’t believe that it is finally coming to an end.

1. Start 2010 off playing FARKLE at Lindsay & Joel’s house

2. Ran a PR at Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

3. Got fired from my first “real” job

4. Found new job that I absolutely loved

5. Start own business, working 3 jobs

6. Get into Medical School

7. Find a house in Tulsa to move to & orientation week all within a month of getting accepted to medical school

8. Husband still living and working in OKC for 5 weeks

9. Start medical school

10. Husband quits job to go back to school!

11. Finals week! OMG talk about a way to end 16 weeks of studying everyday of the week

12. Get to end the year spending the last few weeks with my wonderful husband

Talk about some major life changes.

Being together since we were 16 & 17 years old there have been some enormous changes in our lives, but I think this year might take the cake with the biggest changes happening in our lives that are going to affect the rest of our lives together. Michael I love you and know that we will stand beside each other through thick and thin, through tears of misery and tears of joy. Through years of work and through years of happiness. Sometimes I get mad at you but there is not a day that goes by that seeing your face doesn’t make me smile and make me so happy that I have you to come home too when life has beaten me down and I have no strength left to get through my day. I know that you will be here.


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