How many words can you spell?

House cleaned! Not only cleaned but deep cleaned. The lengths that friends will got to have their friends come over to their house for dinner, drinks, and games. Dinner parties are so much fun even when there are just four people.  Dinner party or just need to get together to watch some ridiculous television on Netflixx, have some delicious dinner, and just hang out with the people that have grown nearest and dearest to your heart you realize that these are the people that you will be friends with for the rest of your life. So you play Jenga and Scrabble and watch the boys get made because the girls keep kicking their butts at whatever game we play! Scrabble on a board in a room with the people that make life fun is so much better than playing words with friends. When you play words with friends and it won’t let you play a word that you swear is a word you just get pissed off at your iphone app, but in the real world you can challenge every word that might look like it could be made up or just to harass someone! Or you spell a word that you know is completely not a real word just to see if anyone else will catch it!

What a great night and I must say that I am the reigning Scrabble champion as of right now! I am sure it will not be long lived.


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