Cookies, Frosting, & Peanut Brittle

The first time in my life that I decided to make goodies for Christmas presents was this year. Thank goodness I had Mike at home to help me figure out how to make all of these delicious morsels.

So we decided to get out the cookbook with all my grandmother’s recipes in it and my friends led me to the right internet sites to find out how to make some frosting! So Mike and I decided to make chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, frosting, and peanut brittle.  Mike made sure we had some scupulas for baking. They make cleaning out bowls so much better than using a knife or something else with a flat edge, especially since I like to cut my fingers, whether in the anatomy lab or the kitchen.

We started out with some chocolate chip cookies. I just used the recipe on the back of the package. Thanks Hersey Kisses! They were quite delicious. Making things from scratch is so much better than just taking squares out of a package and putting them on the cookie sheet.

Then we moved on to the sugar cookies. I think sugar cookies might be my all time favorite cookie in the world, especially homemade sugar cookies. So after we got the dough made and put it into the fridge I realized once again just like last Christmas that we don’t have any Christmas sugar cookie cutters. So we had to improvise, we decided to use the pumpkin cookie cutter from Halloween and we could decorate the cookies like Christmas balls. Pretty smart huh! I love using my grandma’s recipes, besides hoping that the cookies are going to taste just like hers always do, I know how much love was always put into the cookies that she made, so I make sure I put that much love into my cookies.

So the frosting was rather interesting to make! Thank you Natalie, Haley, and the Pioneer Woman for instructing me the proper way to make the most delicious and sweet frosting that I have ever eaten in my life!  Making the frosting a pretty green and an actual red with food coloring was rather interesting too. I feel like I had to poor half of the container of food coloring into each little bowl of frosting to get it to be the right color.

So the cookies turned out looking beautiful and the sprinkles were not as messy as they could have been. I am glad that we have a good vacuum though, because that is how i cleaned it up.

I thought peanut brittle was going to be a whole lot more difficult to make then it was.  While I was at the grocery store I called my mom and she told me the ingredients to get and then when I got home we found the directions on the internet. They were just how I remembered my mother making the peanut brittle when I was a little girl.

So the peanut brittle turned out beautiful also. Thank goodness that Mike was there to help me. Pulling that mixture of corn syrup, sugar, and peanuts in and out of a microwave when it has been cooking, it is a good thing that we had a big mixing bowl with a good handle so that we didn’t burn our hands, because if you know me if there is a way that I can injure my hands it is probably going to happen.

Figuring out how to bag all of these goodies up was quite a task also. We have friends that love the peanut brittle, but what they didn’t know until this year is that my mother made it for them every year. Then we have all of our amazing friends in the city that I wanted to take goodies to because that was the only way we could do presents for all of them. Just so everyone knows the amount of cookies, peanut brittle, or anything else we gave you was not a comparison of how much we love you!!!! Even though I know you were just kidding when you said that.

So we loaded up the sugar cookies, peanut brittle, and chocolate chip cookies and ended the longest day that Mike and I have ever spent in our kitchen together by making grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

I hope everyone enjoys the goodies that for some odd reason Mike and I had the weird decision to figure out how to make and you can feel all the love that we put into them.

Merry Christmas friends, family, and all the rest of the world.


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