Its a day to celebrate Jesus birthday

Last night was a beautiful Christmas eve service at the
church I grew up going to. What a wonderful way to start Christmas.
My grand pa convinced me to wrap my grand ma’s presents and
apparently I went above and beyond what he was expecting. I wrapped
each present individually with beautiful red and silver paper. Then
I wrapped a beautiful green ribbon around each present and finished
them off with a pretty green ribbon. I wish Here is a picture so
you can see how many there are and how pretty they are. Talk about
hard work! I think I might have been hired to be my grand pa’s
wrapping forever now. To get to see my grandparents and share
Christmas eve service with them made me so happy and feel so
blessed. Getting to watch old family movies with the Duroy family
was a fun way to continue Christmas eve. My family never had a
video camera until I was almost in junior high so it is hilarious
to watch 8 mm films of Mike and the rest of his family plus I got
to see what his grandparents were like. Thank goodness for such an
amazing husband of mine because I woke up sick to my stomach this
morning at 5 a.m. Throwing up and not feeling good at all and that
is how I have spent my Christmas: asleep on the couch or trying to
hold stuff down. It is disappointing to see all the delicious food
at breakfast and dinner and not to get to eat any of it. That darn
24 hour stomach virus is no fun at all but apparently I have a
history of being sick on Christmas day according to my parents. All
well what a better way to show your love for someone then taking
care of them on Christmas day! So there will be no pictures of
Christmas 2010.


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