Monthly Archives: January 2011

Various things of 1st year medical school Christmas break….

drinking with family & friends, using our new cookbooks, just laying in bed with the husband, working out, getting new tires, road trips to Ponca City, America, a couple days of being sick, throwing a bachellorette party for Lindsey, Christmas with the family, going to OKC to see all my great friends who I have missed so much, getting to spend some time with my grandparents, holding hands & taking showers with the husband, even cleaning the house was something that was new to me (well in the past few months new to me), watching documentaries on netflix which is pretty amazing, going to the mall, grocery shopping, helping my parents buy a new computer that they are actually doing really well and learning how to use, hanging new pictures, and making the guest bedroom into and actual guest bedroom, yoga, mike trying yoga, oh and did I mention falling love with rock ‘n’ roll yoga, and cleaning out every closet and drawer in our house. Thank goodness for the longest December of my life. Now have been back in school for a few weeks and trying really, really, hard to keep up with my studies.