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Friday Night, Girls Night

Girls nights are great! Especially when they involve a good workout, at the Yoga Room (thank you Rock n Roll Yoga for making me feel like dinner would be okay to eat tonight), great food, thank you Pioneer Woman, Amazing Friends, Haley & Natalie (we missed you Brooke & Danielle), and a romantic comedy, Bounty Hunter.

never a dull moment

my mom came to Tulsa to visit my aunt this weekend and then to get to see me for a little while. I studied during the day and then went to meet them for dinner. My aunt has three girls and two of them have boyfriends, and then to top things off my uncle has three or four birds that live in the house, and my aunt has a little bitty dog, and I think they have a couple of dogs that live outside.

I don’t believe there is ever a dull moment in their household. Either  the girls arguing with each other, my aunt being upset with them for tearing her house apart and breaking all of her glasses, or the birds constantly yelping in the background because you aren’t paying them any attention.

Then the boyfriends. They are both so friendly and try so hard to be that good guy. Makes me try to think and remember whether Mike was that way the whole time that we were dating. Well I know one of them has slipped up and given the middle girl a hickey, and the oldest daughter her boyfriend is relatively new to the family so I think he is still trying to figure everyone out and make a good impression on the parents.
I know one thing: Ashley is the oldest who wants to make mom and dad happy, even though she gets in fights with them, and one day now that she is in college she will decide it is time to move out and leave mom and dad’s nest and try the whole adult thing. Natalie is the middle. She is going to be the one that makes sure she doesn’t get caught doing what she wants to do, her dad knows it, I’m just not sure if her mom wants to admit it, and that Emily, she is slowly becoming a teenager learning how to piss her sisters off or how to just get her way. She is most definitely not the sweet little girl she use to be, she might appear that way on the outside, but really I know how little sisters think and act.

One day when I have children I don’t know if I could handle having three children, let alone three girls that will grow up to be teenagers, like boys, have sex, and grow-up. It is terrifying thinking of what my children are going to be like… you know what they say “your children are payback for everything that you did.” Aunt Cathy and Uncle Phillip makes me wonder what you did to have three daughters, three beautiful daughters that look sweet and innocent but I know what it means to look sweet and innocent.

mild obsession

We were in Ponca last night and as we drove by Brace Books, I read the sign and remembered that the Pioneer Woman was doing a book signing that night. I was so excited! We got to the in-laws house and as soon as I walked in the door I decided that I was going to go up there and see how long of wait it would be to get her to sign my cookbook and/or maybe her new book that Haley got me for Christmas. It is in Ponca, right, there are not going to be that many people there?

Well that assumption was incorrect. Three parking lots surrounding the bookstore were packed full of cars. I walked in the door and the tiny little book store next to the drugstore in Ponca City America was packed. She had already signed over 250 books. I heard people talking about the numbers that they had and how long they were going to wait to get her to sign her book. Unfortunately I had places I had to be, so I snapped a picture and decided I could wait until she came to Tulsa, then myself and the other 4 ladies in my class that I know are just as obsessed with her cookbook and her blog as I am can go with me to tell her that her cookbook and life a good part of our stress relief from medical school.

Until then pioneer woman I will keep cooking from your cookbook and look forward to spring break when I can read your new book.

Falling apart

Humpty dumpty sat on a wall,
humpty dumpty had a great fall,
all the kings horses and all the kings men tried to put humpty back together again.

I feel that we all fall at one point in life.
Remember you are here doing what you are suppose to be doing.
Things will be hard. Things are hard. Things will get better and get worse.
Light at the end of the tunnel is very dim right now, but everyday it gets a little brighter.
Thank goodness we have each other to put each other back together again and to not let each other fall.
I will get through, you will get through, with blood, sweat, and tears, plus laughter and extreme excitement and extreme exhaustion.

We are all going to be okay!
We are all going to be okay!
Mike, Haley, Jacob, Natalie, Brooke, Barry Danielle,
thank you for being second family,

thank you for being there when I have fallen apart

and I will always be here to pick you up if/when you fall apart

its hard but we are going to be awesome!

awesomeness awaits us!
watch out world!
are you ready?

things that sound weird with my earplugs in

when you study with earplugs in you notice lots of sounds that sound rather strange with the earplugs in:
Chewing Gum
I talk really loud with my earplugs in
some people’s voice sound strange, very muffled
using the restroom (I forgot to take them out on my way)
heater kicking on and off
stomach sounds
well pretty much everything sound a little different with them in your ears since you are blocking the world out, but these are the things that I think might sound the strangest!

Sunday Funday!

Sunday Funday! Oh how this has so many different meanings.
My fun today was going to the most adorable 3 year olds birthday party at a fire station. YES that’s right I said fire station. I got to help take pictures, climb on the fire truck, and maybe not look like to big of a kid wanting to play on the boat with all of them. We even got to bring home a goody bag! I know your jealous (it had a firetruck, stickers, and even a fire hydrant that was a water gun!)
Maybe one of the funnest parts of today was going to the book store with my husband. We bought Owen a Curious George book that had 8 stories in it. I know a little lame for a birthday present but He will get sick of toys and get rid of them, who knows how many times he and Brooke and Barry will read that book, to him and his adorable little brother Blaine.
Our fire station adventure was met with reality after we got home and I only sat on the couch with Mike for about 30 minutes then back to the office to study. Thank god I have an amazing husband that likes to cook. What an amazing dinner he made me so that I could study until dinner time. I think I will go say hi to him and be on the way to bed.
Let’s pray I’ve learned enough to pass that neurophysiology test in the morning.
Hooray for fire trucks!


Sitting here getting ready to start studying for the next four hours then I get a break. If it were 9:30 am this fall semester and I had not been studying for at least 2 hours already on a Sunday morning I would be freaking out. I think learning to manage priorities is keep to not freaking out: marriage, sleep, studying, friends, and family. These are the things that need to be managed and managed well so that my life doesn’t fall into a never ending hole and I forget why I get out of bed every morning study for 5-12 hours a day and one day hope to be an amazing physician.
Yesterday seeing all of those bright faces at admitted student day made me remember that life is not as bad as we think it is as medical students and one year ago for some and 6 months ago for others, being a first year medical student was the most exciting thing that we could think of that we wanted to do. Thank you for reminding me of that entering class of 2015.
I must work hard at learning, living, and loving to keep my sanity! If I don’t I will just set myself up for failure and at this point in life, well actually throughout my entire life, failure is not an option. Nineteen days and six test stand between me and spring break.
Get ready, first test block will be over and the success of Spring semester being half way over and getting to enjoy a few minutes of the feeling of “oh I should be studying” will go away for a few short days.


it amazes me at how some people get a little crazy over simple little things around test time. Really its a book you don’t have to get pissed off and upset that there was a mistake and some confusion happened. Take the damn book, there is plenty of other stuff to work on and I promise I will be here later to use it! Really people really lets all just be nice to each other and don’t get upset with the library staff at the front desk.

spring is the perfect time to get things “running”

For the past 3 or 4 years running has become my outlet for many things and I might even call myself an actual runner. What does it mean to be a runner. Well I use to think the definition meant that I had to put anywhere between 50-80 miles on my feet per week to be any good at running and to stay in shape. I have ran 4 half marathons and in the last one that I ran I managed to set a PR under 2 hours coming in at 1:56. I thought this was one of my greatest physical achievements. Now that life has changed from being a fitness instructor and working out for a living where I got anywhere between 25-40 hours a week of working out under my belt I have developed a new definition of what makes me a runner.

Getting 3-4 runs in per week as a 1st year medical student and maybe a yoga class to keep my stretched out is a great way to keep me feeling in shape and to keep my cognitive thought actually working instead of sitting on my butt studying every single hour that I possibly can.  The other day as I was running and my nose wouldn’t stop running and I blew a “snot rocket” as another runner passed me made me feel like I was still truly a runner. It takes me at least 30 minutes to feel good and warmed up then I feel like I can run forever.

Whether it be in the early morning, an afternoon lunch, or trying to get a run in before the sun goes down; I tie my shoes tight, but not to tight so that my feet don’t go numb, get my running shorts on, I would rather where them even when it is 35 degrees outside, make sure I have a good sports bra, a great pony tail holder and head band to keep my hair out of my face. Stretch my legs, head phones in, and out the door that I go.

I am a wife, I am a medical student, I am a runner.