snowmagedon or snowpocolyse 2011

yesterday they started saying we were going to get a foot of snow after having an 80 degree Friday and Saturday. Really Oklahoma can you not make up your mind whether it should be spring, summer ,winter, or fall? Well the medical school closed, rescheduled our exams, and now has closed for a second day. Guess we shall see what the rest of this week brings, hopefully not anymore snow I would like for spring semester to be over before June. Oh and if I stay home to long I am going to gain some serious weight because between this morning and dinner 2 loaves of bread, a batch of cinnamon roles, a roast, roast beef, a mixture of vegetables, toquitos, and well drank an entire pot of coffee, plus maybe 3 hours of studying throughout the entire day! So yes I need a schedule to keep my life on track and to keep my eating normal and under control!

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