as I woke up at 5:45 this morning, I couldn’t help but notice this is the first time this semester that I have gotten out of bed before my alarm went off and I hit snooze three or four times. Could it be because my heart was having small palpations since I was facing my first neuranatomy test of the semester. We have been told how extremely hard this class is and to count on not passing the first  test. So instead of listening like I did first semester and make the prophecy come true at detrimental levels I have worked my tail off since school started trying to keep up and trying to learn. As self doubt set in last night I opened one of our books and could actually answer some questions so thats when I decided to quit studying and go to bed.  As I sat in bed this morning and then got up to get ready to go take this test, questions of did I study enough? did I study the right stuff? am I going to pass this test? started running through my head. Take a deep breath and get rid of that anxiety.  A mild amount of anxiety sat in a bit deeper as I walked into the auditorium and almost all the seats were taken! Dang it I can’t sit in my chair that had become my test taking seat last semester.  Well 2 hours later I had survived finishing the test with a few hurried in bubble filling and walking out the door thinking geez I am glad that is done.

Survival. It felt good. I didn’t let anxiety get the best of me. Now we just have to get on with our day and wait for that test grade. Hopefully it will be before the second part of snowmageden starts to dump all of its glory onto Tulsa and the rest of Oklahoma.


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