another snow day… really

where does the time go? It is already early February and it doesn’t even seem like the spring semester has started yet? We have had a week and a day worth of snow days at school and have had our semester extended by a week, at least we are going to be lectured to about the classes that we missed instead of being held responsible for them on our own.

When I went to bed last night it wasn’t sure if we were really going to get 5 more inches of snow, but low and behold we woke up this morning to the television channels being bombarded with snow weather because when anything weather related in Oklahoma happens you can count on all of the news channels to cover it way to in depth. This day has just disappeared though and we are moving on with the month…..

Study, Eat, Sleep, Class, Exercise is all the definition on life will be until mid-May.

Let’s get on with this Spring Semester! Please?


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