who knew?

who knew that being a medical student we would learn how to actually be physicians and examine people?


In Clinical Skills: special cultured space, symbolic clothing, ritual, and a different language.

The people sitting in this classroom will yes one day get to get out from behind our books, note, and computers and get to see real human patients. Yes that is right world, the 92 of us sitting in this classroom are going to get to learn and treat you at the same time. Thank goodness for those standardized patients that we get to start seeing today, because without them who knows if we would even know how to talk to another human being that is not a medical student.  These people are really letting us learn how to poke and prod, look, listen and feel and try to be real live doctors. Is that standardized patient as terrified of us as we might be of them? Hope not they are professionals at this.

This physical diagnosis thing seems to be leading us to somewhere one day that we will be successful successful 3rd and 4th year medical students and yes one day real live physicians.

In the mean time we will stay stuck behind, and maybe underneath our computers, iphones, and books. I need to make sure that I don’t forget to look up everyone once in a while. Onto test 3 of the semester.



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