February 14… what does that mean to you?

This was Mike and I’s eleventh Valentine’s Day to spend together. It is amazing what the meaning of Valentine’s Day changes to as you grow as a couple and as you grow as individuals.  It goes from roses, candy, and showing everyone what your boyfriend got you or telling them about where he took you for that special night to just wanting to have the entire evening spent with one another and just enjoy the company of your companion.

Since we have moved to Tulsa we have tried many new things as a couple and adapted to many new things as individuals. Sushi has become one of our favorite things to go to dinner for. Working my way through medical school I have become more dependent on coffee. So Mike went on a mission to find me the perfect coffee mug. Well he found a great one and gave it to me for Valentine’s day. I cashed in my debit card rewards and got him a best buy gift card to add to what he was going to use to buy a new xbox. Things in life have gotten more simple and more complicated at the same time. There will never be anything to replace having a nice dinner with my spouse, whether it be a special “holiday” or just an evening where we can be together, followed by aimlessly wondering around a store and then a nice movie. 


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