Sunday Funday!

Sunday Funday! Oh how this has so many different meanings.
My fun today was going to the most adorable 3 year olds birthday party at a fire station. YES that’s right I said fire station. I got to help take pictures, climb on the fire truck, and maybe not look like to big of a kid wanting to play on the boat with all of them. We even got to bring home a goody bag! I know your jealous (it had a firetruck, stickers, and even a fire hydrant that was a water gun!)
Maybe one of the funnest parts of today was going to the book store with my husband. We bought Owen a Curious George book that had 8 stories in it. I know a little lame for a birthday present but He will get sick of toys and get rid of them, who knows how many times he and Brooke and Barry will read that book, to him and his adorable little brother Blaine.
Our fire station adventure was met with reality after we got home and I only sat on the couch with Mike for about 30 minutes then back to the office to study. Thank god I have an amazing husband that likes to cook. What an amazing dinner he made me so that I could study until dinner time. I think I will go say hi to him and be on the way to bed.
Let’s pray I’ve learned enough to pass that neurophysiology test in the morning.
Hooray for fire trucks!


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