mild obsession

We were in Ponca last night and as we drove by Brace Books, I read the sign and remembered that the Pioneer Woman was doing a book signing that night. I was so excited! We got to the in-laws house and as soon as I walked in the door I decided that I was going to go up there and see how long of wait it would be to get her to sign my cookbook and/or maybe her new book that Haley got me for Christmas. It is in Ponca, right, there are not going to be that many people there?

Well that assumption was incorrect. Three parking lots surrounding the bookstore were packed full of cars. I walked in the door and the tiny little book store next to the drugstore in Ponca City America was packed. She had already signed over 250 books. I heard people talking about the numbers that they had and how long they were going to wait to get her to sign her book. Unfortunately I had places I had to be, so I snapped a picture and decided I could wait until she came to Tulsa, then myself and the other 4 ladies in my class that I know are just as obsessed with her cookbook and her blog as I am can go with me to tell her that her cookbook and life a good part of our stress relief from medical school.

Until then pioneer woman I will keep cooking from your cookbook and look forward to spring break when I can read your new book.


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