never a dull moment

my mom came to Tulsa to visit my aunt this weekend and then to get to see me for a little while. I studied during the day and then went to meet them for dinner. My aunt has three girls and two of them have boyfriends, and then to top things off my uncle has three or four birds that live in the house, and my aunt has a little bitty dog, and I think they have a couple of dogs that live outside.

I don’t believe there is ever a dull moment in their household. Either  the girls arguing with each other, my aunt being upset with them for tearing her house apart and breaking all of her glasses, or the birds constantly yelping in the background because you aren’t paying them any attention.

Then the boyfriends. They are both so friendly and try so hard to be that good guy. Makes me try to think and remember whether Mike was that way the whole time that we were dating. Well I know one of them has slipped up and given the middle girl a hickey, and the oldest daughter her boyfriend is relatively new to the family so I think he is still trying to figure everyone out and make a good impression on the parents.
I know one thing: Ashley is the oldest who wants to make mom and dad happy, even though she gets in fights with them, and one day now that she is in college she will decide it is time to move out and leave mom and dad’s nest and try the whole adult thing. Natalie is the middle. She is going to be the one that makes sure she doesn’t get caught doing what she wants to do, her dad knows it, I’m just not sure if her mom wants to admit it, and that Emily, she is slowly becoming a teenager learning how to piss her sisters off or how to just get her way. She is most definitely not the sweet little girl she use to be, she might appear that way on the outside, but really I know how little sisters think and act.

One day when I have children I don’t know if I could handle having three children, let alone three girls that will grow up to be teenagers, like boys, have sex, and grow-up. It is terrifying thinking of what my children are going to be like… you know what they say “your children are payback for everything that you did.” Aunt Cathy and Uncle Phillip makes me wonder what you did to have three daughters, three beautiful daughters that look sweet and innocent but I know what it means to look sweet and innocent.


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