say “see you later” instead of “goodbye”

Military deployment. Deployments suck! Being the spouse, girlfriend, or any family member of someone in the military is tough.

My husband and I have been through one very long, 424 days to be exact, overseas deployment and one short but awful in-country deployment, for the Katrina disaster, as well as a long separation for Mike’s basic training and infantry training.

Now that Mike is out of the military we are watching our friends start the beginning of a long year of deployment. Lindsay, we will be here for you whenever you need us. Bass take care of you, and I promise Mike will be here to hang out with you when you come home, even though you will need to take care of the wife first!

Deployment is super tough on both ends of the spectrum, either being the solider or the spouse. Thinking about the year that we went through can bring tears to my eyes. I do not know how people did this before telephones were common and computers were half way easy to access.

Please keep the 45th infantry, Delta company in-particular in your thoughts and prayers. Let their training be thorough, their lives be held in God’s hands, their families be kept safe while they are here keeping everything at home going.

When the day comes this week, it will be a day filled with tears and loneliness on the spouse and family side. That’s what the great parents and friends, as well as chocolate and exercise are for. If you fill the days full of business, soon the year will be over and the solider will be home. Lindsay and Bass we love you!


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