Happy Anniversary

Two years ago today I was getting ready to walk down the isle to marry the love of my life.

We have quite the long love story. We met a high school football practice two-a-days at the end of summer. Mike’s senior year in high school and my sophomore year in high school. I was a sports medicine trainer and a cheerleader and he was a varsity football player. We started dating a week after I turned 16. Through the trials and tribulations of high school, college, basic training, two deployments, and jobs somehow or another we didn’t grow apart we just grew closer together and stronger as a couple.

Mike proposed to me on December 30, 2007. This was 3 days before he was scheduled to go back to Ft. Bliss, TX to finish his pre-deployment training and then off to Iraq for a year, well he was on deployment for a total of 409 days but who’s counting right. I took the entire year to plan quite possibly one of the biggest weddings that has happened in either one of our families, but when you think about when you have two enormous families and you have about 350 people at your wedding most of the people are probably family and if you have been together since you were practically children, almost everyone who knows you knows both of you. So we have pretty much been a package deal since we were teenagers.

The wedding was beautiful and a great reflection of the love, friendship, and families that built our relationship and has kept it strong.

The first two years of marriage have been interesting, fun, and great. Our lives as a couple and as individuals have changed drastically since the day that we said “I do.” but we know that we can make it through any change because we have sure been through a ton of them. Think about what life throws at you and how different of a person you are at 26 then you were at 15. That is what love and marriage and a relationship is all about. Changing, growing up, communication and one day our family will be more than just Mike and I, but today we are going to celebrate where we are at in our lives and I know that neither one of us could have gotten to where we are at today without the other one.

I look at my grandparents, both of our parents, and many other older couples that I know,and think when I am that age “how many years will Mike and I have been married? How many kids will we have? where will we live? what kind of house will we have? We all know that I am going to be a doctor of some sort or another and that Mike will be a piolet. So those are big questions in our lives anymore. Day to day we build a stronger relationship, a stronger love and commitment to each other, and a future together.

Mike thank you for being an amazing husband, amazing friend, an amazing person to be with for better or worse and in sickness and in health, maybe we should have put through medical school tears and celebrations in there too! Tonight will be great night, not just because I had a test and can relax, but because I get to celebrate the life that my husband and I are building together.

When we are ninety years old and sitting in our rocking chairs on the pouch in the middle of rural Oklahoma we will look back at these days and laugh.


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