Uplifting Wednesday

So there are those days when you feel like you have learned absolutely nothing, or might not have ever learned anything in your life. Well thank goodness today was not one of them. This week started out good and has just continued to go that way. Maybe starting out the week with our anniversary just means that the rest of this month is going to be just as amazing.
Wednesdays are the days that I think make or break my whole week. Well today I actually didn’t have to rush to school to be on time and then OMM was such a positive motivator today, it made me feel like I can actually learn things and remember them. Maybe there is hope for me yet to be a doctor. Thank you Dr. Coffman and Dr. Dyer for being awesome professors that teach us ways to make people feel better.
The weather was beautiful for a bike ride and sitting in my office studying while the sunshine was out.
The only bad part about today was missing my sister’s 30th birthday, but I am glad that she understands how crazy being a first year medical student is, well at least tries too. I hope that Billie Jo had an amazing day for entering into a new decade in her life.

Ponca City Mike and I will see you at Easter.
Study break, dinner, and more neuroanatomy.


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