As I lay in bed this morning and could not motivate myself to get out of bed since I studied until midnight last night, I thought about how much I miss getting up and working out for an hour or two five times a week with my friends. It crossed my mind that this time last year I was logging about 35 hours of running, 15 hours of cycling, and about 5 hours of teaching workout classes. No wonder I could maintain a constant weight and my clothes were smaller sizes. I use to look forward to waking up at 530 am to go sweat. I hung out with my friends when we were working out, then when we would go eat to get something in our stomachs since we had probably burnt over a thousand calories in the past hour or two.

Now I have a brand new bike, and I need to get into the habit of getting up and riding my bike to school. I need to cycle, run, jump, or do something that makes me physically tired. I have never had so much experience in being mentally tired and having the need to be and want to be physically worn out. I want to get sweaty, hot, tired, and if must dirty. Boot camp, cycling, toning, anything that makes my muscles sore.

Anyone need a workout partner? anyone need a personal trainer this summer? anyone? I need to sweat and burn some calories and lose this weight that I have gained over the past two semester. Medical school you have not been the best thing for my figure.

There are lots of sweatshirts, jeans, and the feeling that I need to workout to have normal, cognitive thought processes. I will ride my bike to school to study tomorrow. I will!


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