What? it’s only Thursday!

Life has brought many things my way. This week was a test of how much endurance I had left in me to get through the last test of the semester of first year, well that is if you don’t count finals.  At lunch when we ran to get coffee before the microbiology test, I felt that this was a sign of how the rest of my day was going to go. What a perfect shape, in a perfect drink, to a day that needed some sunshine added to it.

After sitting in a lecture hall for two and half hours taking a test, then sitting in a computer lab with some wonderful friends talking about how this semester has been a whirlwind of ups, downs, hopes, dreams, anger, and extreme mental and emotional exhaustion, we decided to go shopping and have a happy hour drink. Happy hour is a big deal to us medical students, because when do we ever leave the school in time to make it to a restaurant, let along a bar before happy hour is over. This was a beautiful and tasty drink that made me pretty happy and talkative.

Charts, graphs, and flow charts is all I have in my mind as images of what this week has been. Even after the week of neuroanatomy and physiology, test that cause extreme anxiety, this was the class and test to make or break my semester. Medical school takes late nights, early dinner, lots of coffee, understanding spouses, and amazing friends to get you through the day. Gram negative, Gram positive, catalase positive or negative, I ask myself how much do these things matter. What disease does this cause? What are going to be the signs and symptoms? What scientist postulated this? How did he prove this? How does this antibiotic work and when should you prescribe it? These are all the things that I have spent the last week trying to figure out. Last night something clicked.

Even though I felt like this during the week and my friends felt like this during the week, somehow we managed to survive. I wanted to run kicking and screaming when I woke up this morning that I wasn’t sure if anything I had spent the last six days studying every extra minute and during my scheduled studies hours that I could. Yet success has happened. It is true if I can make it through finals week in a few weeks, I will be one of the second years next year laying on the floor this time of year studying for my pathology test. Thank you second year class for being super supportive, understanding, and motivating.

When the last test grades are posted before finals week…. It is time to figure out the grade that you need to get the grade that you want in the class. No matter what your measure of success is, C, B, or A all that you need to know is what you need to get that grade. It is a good thing sometimes that your friends are there to help you figure out how to do math, because your brain is fried!

Oh! and did I mention to start this week off I survived performing my first male genital exam and prostate exam. This was a rather interesting situation, that I knew one day was going to happen and thank god it had to happen in a standardized setting. I am so glad that I am not one of those future physicians that this encounter did not happen until I was an intern or with another one of my fellow students, talk about awkward! The instruments for the male exam are sure a lot more simpler than those used in the female genital exam, pap smear, and bimanual exam.

It is only Thursday of this week and so much has happened. My mental and emotional states have been tested. My faith has been tested and I truly believe this is where  I am meant to be and all the abilities that I have been given are truly a blessing.


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