much needed

This semester has been a test of endurance, positive self thought, motivation, and being positive for my friends. Last night was one of the best get togethers that we have had since school started. After a long semester things are finally starting to wind down to wind back up in order to finish my first year of medical school.

The best girls in my life that I could ever ask all came to my house and brought wine, dessert, salad, and we had the fish, chips and beer to go with it. As the men stood outside and cooked we all hung out while finishing all the fixings for dinner. Then we actually all got to sit out on the patio in the backyard and talk, well if you know us we don’t just talk, we are known as the LOUD family in some circles. So we have taken this name and embraced it. We work our tails off trying to learn as much as we can and be able to apply it one of these days so that we can have a great time and enjoy ourselves once every 100 or so days, and I mean literally every 100+ days because most the time we are running from one fire to another trying to burn it out with all the knowledge that we have and move on to the next thing while trying to remember everything that we burnt the previous one out with.

The 8 girls and I ate, drank, laughed, cried, told stories, got loud, had all sorts of estrogen running through the house, which is maybe why the guys stayed in the backyard. What an amazing night for forming those bonds with these amazing women that always going to be a part of my life now. We will venture through medical school together, then through weddings, having babies (one of these women will probably deliver my children), deciding what kind of physicians we want to be, establishing lives, going on fun vacations together and everything else that life has in store for us because lets face it, there is not an experience that any of us have been through that bonds are formed like we have made in the short 9 months that we have known each other.

The weekend of Easter what a great weekend for this time of the semester to fall on. Time to have fellowship with friends and family, a time to look at our lives and know that this is where God has taken me and is giving me the strength, intelligence, and means to get through this thing they call medical school and he blessed me with these amazing woman to go on this journey with.

Haley, Brooke, Natalie, Danielle, TaRynn, & Megan thanks for being these people! Thanks for being some of the amazing women that are going to be the physicians of America in a few short years, and thank you for being those girls that can get crazy and have a good time when we know that we are all in this together and that second year for all of us except Megan, who third year, is just right around the corner. Can you believe it….. finals are all that stand between us and the next small step to becoming physicians. The time we have together is amazing!

What more could a girl ask for……

P.S. Men in our lives you are all amazing for going through this adventure with us!


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