easter sunday

It is suppose to rain all day long. I woke up with the window open beside my head at my parents house, Mike on the left side of me and the fan blowing, and the rain coming down. Laying there a little bit longer I listened to the rain stop coming down and the sun started to come out. The sun was shining through the window instead of sleeping in a dark room the light was shining through telling me to get out of bed to get on my bicycle.

A beautiful bike ride, a good cup of coffee, and a wonderful easter cantata was a great way to start Easter Sunday off. As the cool weather set in for the rest of the day the family Easter picnic became a cookout at the house with a canopy, little kids running in and out of the house, cute easter dresses turing into jeans and sweatshirts.

There was still family, fellowship, food, and Easter egg hunting. This was one of the funnest times I have had watching the kids hunt Easter eggs. Spencer and Preston were so cute. Spencer was so excited running around, finding the eggs, and looking at some of the them thinking, “should I pick that up it has a face on it?”

I loved seeing the family since I haven’t seen most of them since August when I started medical school.


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