So I have recently, well in the last two months figured out that I am most definitely a scheduler. If I can make a schedule, a to-do list, something that I can put lines through and feel as if I have accomplished something that I can see besides just know it in my mind. Well at spring break I made a study schedule to get me through the last semester test and yesterday I had to make my schedule to get through finals week. To tell you the truth it was a little stressful not having a schedule made on Monday so that I would have a plan for this week and the rest of the semester. Well now I have it finished, or well close enough to finished that it will work for me. I know that some people don’t understand because they can just fly by the seat of their pants, but right now in my life I need a plan, I need a schedule, tell me when to study, when to go to class, when I can eat, when I can see my husband, and when I can sleep, then I will be able to survive the rest of the semester. That’s all I need in my life is a little bit of scheduling.



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