the clips

Bought clips and shoes for my road bike. Talk about a first time experience being clipped into a bike that actually moves. Before we got out of the neighborhood I tried to practice stopping three times and I fell over three times.  The road is not nice to you. I made the entire ride, even having to stop three times and did not fall over. Then we made it back to the house and in the process of stopping and getting off of the bike, I unclipped my left foot stepped down, but leaned to the right. BAM! I hit the ground and this is where the road rash came from. I have some bumps and bruises and am a tad bit sore, but I will get to where I look like I actually know what I am doing being clipped into my bicycle.

Oh! People that drive on Riverside are extremely rude. Don’t yell at me for riding on the side of the road because the trail is completely torn up for a mile stretch along the river, I am sure that I have just as much right to be on the road as you do. To make you feel worse about yourself one block down the road from where you honked and yelled at me there is a huge sign that says “Tulsa, a bicycle friendly community”.


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