Middle of May are you here?

Middle of May are you here yet?
Friday, May 20th when I decide to stay up past midnight or however late I want to it will not be because I am sitting in my office with 3 books opened, a notebook, and a computer. It will be because I am on the back porch with my husband and friends, at a bar, at a friend’s house, eating, drinking, watching tv, or who knows I might decide I want to go to bed before midnight on a weekend or a weeknight.
I know my eyes will see the clock turn 12 am for the next 10 days. Then who knows, maybe I can catch up on some sleep or just not go to bed because I don’t want to and need to catch up on many weeks of television, conversations with friends, runs, bike rides, sitting under the stars in the driveway or in the backyard, or just maybe we will rent a plane and fly somewhere since Mike will have his private pilots license soon, like before for the end of May. I am rambling and tired. Need to start the weekend off fresh so lots of learning and remembering can occur before Monday morning.

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