pay it forward

medical school is an emotional rollercoaster whether you are sailing through on borderline A and B grades or if you are gritting your teeth dragging yourself through just trying to get through first year alive. Fall semester was beyond tough for me. First time I felt like I was ever failing at something in my life. Failure and I have never gotten along well. Then someone I will fail to mention her name told me that there was “NO WAY” that I could ever pass her class. Well maybe after my rough fall semester it took me 10 weeks to learn how to study and retain information and that maybe teaching it, writing it, and being tutored in it was the only way that I could learn and retain information that I am most likely going to need to know most of for the rest of my life. I am pretty sure I want to tell her to take her statement she made to me and shove it, but I will reframe from that and just let anyone who knows me, figure out this whole situation for themselves.
The things, time, and emotional roller coasters that I caused last semester I thought I would never get the opportunity to repay, because come on the women that are in my life are super smart and succeed at everything they do to. Well medical school throws lemons at everyone and sometimes rocks at people. I hope that the friend I have become to these women has somehow influenced them in falling apart, putting yourself back together, and figuring out that everything is going to be okay.
Microbiology, Neuroanatomy, and OMM are over and they are over successfully for all of us. Clinical skills, Clinical Epidemiology, and Physiology stand in front of us.
At 5 o’clock on Tuesdays we will be able to call ourselves part of the class of 2014, which means we will be second years.
Live. Study. Cry. Drink a beer. pass or fail, spending my summer at school, the lake, or wherever the road takes us nobody will ever be the person they were when they walked into OSU-CHS for interview day basically begging for them to let us pay them $40,000 a year to teach us how to be doctors or the people we were August 13, 2010 when we got our white coats for the first time.
Better, stronger, smarter, a year closer to being a physician, maybe a small amount of medical school PTSD, but it is all for the better. Summer you are so close.


2 thoughts on “pay it forward

  1. doforyou

    I would not have survived the last nine months without you. You know how they say the friends you have in med school are the ones you keep? I think we know why.

    1. jennduroy Post author

      I feel the same way.
      Oh and goodness has this been an emotional semester, reading this comment about made me cry because God only know’s what dark hole I would be keeping myself in if it were not for you!


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