not one to take the easy road

So as of last week I officially finished my first year of medical school. Anyone that knows me knows that it was not an easy task getting here and the first year was really tough, but I have survived. Unfortunately I find myself spending the supposed “last summer of my life” at school studying to make up for a minor, and let me tell you minor deficiency in anatomy. This is after I have taken anatomy in undergrad and was a TA for anatomy in undergrad for a complete year. I apparently got the card that said it is going to take you a complete semester to remember how to learn something and be tested over it. I might be a little bitter but I will get over it, come July 26th.
Well today we got our schedule for the summer and there is going to be a lot of dissecting, but it is going to help me. I have to remember that. As Dr. J said, “instead of you being the lowest C in the class and struggling next fall, you will have a great understanding of the information and be able to remember it for pathology.” Every time I get upset about this I need to remember that. So I think I figured out that on the weeks that I am not assigned a dissection I will spend 2-3 morning in the lab, so that I can still have a few mornings to myself.

Biochemistry test is scheduled for June 17 @ 1 pm. Glad that will be out of the way soon. Then it can be all about having a summer and anatomy. Oh, and of course getting rid of a little extra pounds that I put on during the past nine months. Tried on swim suits and talk about motivation.


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