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banana chocolate cake

I am not the cook in our house, Mike is the cook & baker in the house. Don’t get me wrong I try to cook things and am successful at cooking lots of different pretty simple stuff. Mike on the other hand if you give him a recipe or an idea he can pretty much make anything.

Natalie’s birthday was last night and since she is such a wonderful cook, Mike and I wanted her to have an amazing birthday cake. Mike suggested a banana chocolate cake but neither one of us were exactly sure where to start and what kind of icing to make with it. So, of course we turned to the food blogging world to try to find a recipe. I finally came across this blog, Janet Is Hungry: Chocolate Banana Cake, it had absolutely everything that we needed to make such a delicious sounding cake. I saw that it only had 6 or 7 steps in it and thought that it would not be any big deal to make at all. I apparently need to read in a little better detail, but after a labor intensive love of a cake was made it turned out looking just like the pictures, it tasted amazing, and all of the ladies in the Loud family thought it was great. Since there has been such phenomenal baking going on in the Loud family, it has been suggested that a Cake War or a Food War might begin. I am glad all of my Loud family loves to cook so that I can try it all out.

Thank you Mike for baking such a great cake for our wonderful friend Natalie’s birthday. Since this was the first cake that you have ever made, I can only imagine what else is to come and because Mike is such a great cook and baker maybe I will just stick with trying to be a food artisan.



Not my story to tell, but my motivation to be a doctor

1996, I was a seventh grader at Ponca City Middle School…  I was more worried about making the cheerleading squad, gymnastics, basketball, softball, and boys than planning on what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  Well one woman in my family was pregnant, planning her future with her husband, and making plans for the beautiful little boy that they were expecting to arrive in June. Who knew that was happened to Megan, Curtis, and her new addition to their family would not only change their lives forever, but it would impact my life so much that it intrigued me to want to become a physician, and now on days when I do not want to go on with studying and just think it is time to call it quits Trenton’s story is the thing that keeps me going. At a rough point in the fall semester I e-mailed my cousin about what all went on with her pregnancy and because we were studying embryology, and I knew that my cousin had survived against odds that I am still being taught are almost impossible.  I know this is not my story to tell, but this is something that sits in the back of my head every day while I focus on becoming a doctor.

 Here is Megan, Curtis, and Trenton’s amazing life inspiring story in Megan’s words:

I don’t remember a lot of what went on the first week Trenton was born, most of my “memories” come from Curtis and our parents.  But I took lots of notes throughout his hospitalization on what was happening to Trenton.  I can look through them or ask Curtis and our parents if need be.  And I do have SOME of the HUGE amount of hospital records from Children’s Hospital.

In the attached file are the pictures of Trenton from the birth announcement we sent out.  This top picture is of Trenton 2-3 days after he was born.  In this picture he weighs 12 oz. and is 11.5 inches long.  That is my hand in the picture.  The bottom picture is taken on his first birthday.  He weighed a whopping 18 lbs. 13 oz. and was 27.5 inches long.

Trenton was born 18 weeks early or at approximately 22 weeks gestation.  We THOUGHT we were further along than 22 weeks…my OBGYN and I calculated around 23-24 weeks.  But after Trenton was born, it was obvious that he was “younger” than the estimated 23-24 weeks.  His APGAR scores were dismal (I have those scores if you need them), and his eyes were still fused.  We were told that the eyes open at 25 weeks.  Which after he was born his eyes did open around 3 weeks later.  Any way you look at it in 1996 he was not viable, we were told he was going to die, or that he had a one in a million chance of surviving.  And IF he did survive he would most likely have horrible birth defects.

At birth Trenton weighed in at 1lb exactly and was 11.5 inches long.  As best as I can describe it his skin was translucent.   I am PROBABLY the only mother alive who will willingly say I had one UGLY baby!  LOL    If you make a “U” shape with your hand his head would fit into that.  His leg was the length of my pointer finger.  He was just unbelievably tiny.

We were not allowed to touch him for the longest time.  His poor little skin would tear if you stroked him.  We did get to hold him much earlier than what the physicians wanted, but only because they thought he wasn’t going to make it.  He lived on a table under a heating lamp for the first month and a half of his life.  His blanket was made out of Saran Wrap (which I still have).  It helped to keep him moisturized.  When he gained A LITTLE weight they moved him to an isolette.

Trenton was VERY sensitive to any type of noise.  When you were by his “bedside” you had to whisper.  Any type of noise would make his heart rate and O2 level drop.   Which if you have ever been in a NICU…it is noisy…alarms are constantly going off.   My mom and sister made him a blanket to drape the isolette to help keep the noise down.

Once his umbilical cord dried up and they couldn’t use that as a means of administering medication, they put in a PICC line.  Still to this day you can see where the tape that wrapped around his upper arm tore away skin and muscle.  He has a “crater” in that part of his arm.  He has MANY MANY scars all over his body.  The worst are his groin area, and feet.

We were told that probably one of the reasons he lived was because his urine output was so good.   I can’t remember exactly when it was but he got a severe yeast infection.  They had to do a spinal tap because they thought it might have infected the spinal fluid ( I think that was the reason for the spinal tap…have to check my notes.).  And because of all the urine and the yeast infection I say he circumcised himself.  But what happened is the foreskin split down the penis and grew together on the underneath side..  We later had that excess skin removed when he was about 2 years old.  The collection of urine on his skin was a big problem because he was too tiny to wear a diaper…they don’t make them that small…and because his skin was so thin.

Ventilators….this was horribly scary.  The physicians at Children’s (now OU) tried every ventilator they had…and none of them were working for Trenton.  They told me that they had one last machine to try, but that it was in storage and had not been used for YEARS.  I might have the name/type of ventilator in my notes…but off the top of my head I don’t remember.  Anyway…they dragged it out of storage and tried it out….obviously it worked.

Trenton developed BPD.  He had apnea.  And I am sure many other things I can’t remember.

Hydrocephalus….Trenton had a Grade Three head bleed.  They watched it very closely, but never had to put a shunt in.

Eyes…. Trenton has ROP.  He was about 2 months old when he had his first of many eye surgeries.  Dr. Mark Scott preformed a laser surgery to stop the growth of vessels in his eyes.  His retina was in danger of detaching.   He now has horrible vision…but he can see.  He has little to no peripheral vision.  He has already had cataract surgery in both eyes (at age 7yrs.).  And has had many Strabismus surgeries, the last was 2 years ago.    With everything Trenton had to go through, I would say having poor vision isn’t too small a price to pay.

I remember us giving the hospital permission to put Trenton on a study regarding O2 and his eyes.  I don’t know the specifics on what was done…just that he was a participant in the study.

While in the NICU he got an infection of salmonella.  One of the nurses tested positive for it.  He was a sick little baby with it.

When Trenton finally got to come home he was on Apnea monitors and constant O2.  He came home earlier than what the physicians anticipated for a couple of reasons….one he was doing well, and two he was the least “sick” baby in the NICU/nursery…and they were full and need the bed space.

Trenton was born February 11, 1996 and came home at the end of May,  his due date was June 3, 1996…not too bad!

It was the most terrifying time of my life.  Thank God most parents don’t have to go through this, but for those of us who have, we get to see what is going on inside a pregnant woman’s body….. what an amazing journey it is… the development of a human life.

Please let me know if you need or want any further information.   I think that Trenton is my own little miracle…and I thank God daily for the medical staff at Children’s Hospital in OKC.  If people can learn from Trenton’s struggle for survival I am all for it.

My mother babysat Trenton for a good many years after he was born. It is funny to think about him rolling around the house in his walker, especially now from the developmental standpoint of information that I have learned.  This was 15 years ago, medicine changes daily. Medicine advances daily in what it knows about the physiology of our bodies and about ways to help it.

I spent a good amount of my time in preparation for coming to medical school shadowing neonatologist in the NICU at OUHSC Pediatric Hospital in Oklahoma City, OK and learned many, many things as well witnessed many happy endings, as well as sad endings from the doctors side of the story. Even if I do not become a neonatologist I know that being a doctor in Oklahoma, whether it be in a big city or in the middle of rural Oklahoma, I will have impact on people’s health, wellness, lives, and families.

I also know that medicine is not 100% to thank for Trenton being with us today, but the abilities of the physicians and medicine that God has given us were the reasons that he is here, and I thank God that he has blessed me with the drive, knowledge, and ability to become a physician that can help lives be changed.


I have been waiting since early April for these flowers to bloom. It bloomed mid-morning today, and Mike sent me a picture of it to brighten my day. These are my favorite flowers ever. I am so glad that I finally have a garden that have these beautiful flowers in it.

It all started with a text message

It all started with a random text message that Natalie sent last Friday night:

Natalie, “I want kabobs. haha when we get back if I make some deliciously monster ones will you and Mike have us over and could he grill them??? We’ll invite the loud family but I really just need a grill for sure! haha, also I hope your taking the night off to enjoy your success!!!!

Me, “Yes, Yes! and Yes! That sounds delicious.”

How do you say no to a text message like that. Of course I answered it before I even asked Mike if he would grill them for us. So we made a date for last night. I am so glad that Oklahoma has had some very beautiful evenings over the past couple of weeks because last night was perfect for setting on the back porch, watching the sun go down, firing the grill up, having some drinks like this Woodchuck Cider, or Mustang Brewing Company, maybe this Pacifico – The Tide Is In, and if all else fails Water – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Natalie brought over pork, New York Strip, and Chicken that she had spent the day marinating, along with onions and bell peppers.


So this is kind of what dinner turned out looking like. I have no idea what Natalie used to tenderize all this meat, I think she said she used some meat tenderizer and just some pepper, maybe a few other spices, but it was some of the most delicious steak, pork, and chicken that I have ever eaten.
Then for dessert she fed us grilled banana and peach kabobs with honey and cinnamon drizzled over them. I believe that Mike grilled them for 3 minutes on each side then Natalie drizzled the honey and cinnamon over them. These were some of the best desserts that I have eaten in the summertime. It was nice and light, but just sweet enough that it hit the spot for wanting something sweet to eat while having something just kind of healthy.
Thank you Natalie and Danielle for suggesting such a great evening and I am very glad that we could all gather at the house and have a great time on a Thursday evening!

so you’re still together….

When you run into someone that you went to high school with and the first thing that comes out of their mouth is “I didn’t know you two were still together.” It makes me pretty irritated. Really Mike and I have been dating since a week after I turned 16 years old, October 16, 2000. Then it might make me even more irritated that people say that because we have been married for over two years, April 4, 2009. I just find it so frustrating when people say this, because they say it like they have heard all sorts of rumors about us breaking up or something. There have been no break-ups, no lets date other people, no I’m not sure anywhere in our relationship. People shouldn’t talk and spread rumors. So yes Mike and I are married and still together. Next time you see us, we will still be married and still be together and still be happy. I love Mike with all my heart and soul and have since the time that I turned 16. I know that some of these people thought that they were going to marry their high school sweet hearts and did not, well its very apparent why that didn’t work out for many of them. Relationships and marriage are based on trust, monogamy, love, and family.









But then there is a funny side to this because I can remember in junior high when my parents got a phone call early one morning from one of my parents friends. This was the Saturday morning after their 20th high school reunion started, it was their friend Danny and of course my mother answered the phone. Well instead of saying good morning to my mother he asked if Doug was there. When my dad got on the phone Danny asked my dad if that was Christy or did he have a new wife because he had heard that Friday night that my parents had gotten a divorce. NO, my parents were still married and happily married. The rumors that go around small towns that have to do with other people that unhappy people start are pretty interesting and sometimes amusing. Really though when you run into someone at the grocery store, a restaurant, really any place out in the public and they are with their spouse, don’t make it sound shocking that they are married or “still together.”

That is my rant for the day!

Feel like a kid again

The weekend of June 19, 2011 is dedicated to father’s all around the world, a day or a weekend to celebrate father’s. Nobody’s life would be the same without their father. I have been walked down the isle, hugged, sat on his lap to cry, had tears of joy with, been yelled, learned many things from, and know that my life would not be the same if my dad was not in it. As scary as it is to admit apparently I am just like my dad in many many ways. You can take your pick of characteristics of my dad that I have . My dad loves to garden and has a beautiful yard, well a few weeks ago my sister took her radio flyer wagon home that he had been using for many years to pull things around the yard, to plant, to build, to do whatever dad’s do to their backyards. So we got my dad a wagon that can carry my mom and myself and Mike. So it is a pretty heavy duty wagon and should last quite awhile. Thanks dad for everything you have done for me in my life! Love you!

How to get picky eaters to eat their veggies… my take on this article

How to get kids (and other picky eaters) to eat their veggies..

This is a really great article. I have never had a problem eating vegetables. My grandmother use to feed my sister and I frozen vegetables for snacks when we were little and staying at her house. Yes, I do get some strange looks from my husband when I eat frozen vegetables, but I think it is a fun snack. I am so thankful that Mike likes vegetables and is willing to try new ones. Every week when we pick up our vegetable co-op bag, we never know what we are going to get, but we are prepared to try whatever it may be. We have recently started finding other ways besides just boiling or steaming vegetables to eat them. I really enjoy any of them roasted, grilled, stir fry, mixing a bunch of them together into a salad, or even roasting them and adding them to pasta with a small bit of olive oil or any delicious light sauce. We need to get away from the processed food world, don’t get me wrong I like to eat a french fry every once in a while, but the other day at the grocery store I overheard a small child asking his parents why they don’t ever shop in that part of the store, the child was referring to the produce department, and yes when you looked in their basket everything was in a box or a frozen meal bag. Local co-ops have great deals on fresh food. I know it takes a little bit longer to make fresh food than boxed food, but at least we know what is going into our bodies and not some wonder of processed food that could sit in our colon for years.

Maybe some of these tricks in this article will work on some of the adults in my life that refuse to eat anything that isn’t covered in butter, grease, mashed, or fried.


Since I started working in the library this summer I have found new inspiration in being a medical student. I have been watching the second year medical students prepare for boards and now they are taking boards. Medical school is like nothing you have ever experienced in your life and preparing to take step 1 of comlex or the usmle seems like it is the same experience. The second years have spent the last two years of their lives being stuffed away in a carrel, an office, a breakout room all in order to take this one test that says they have enough knowledge to be let out onto a hospital floor, into a clinic, and be called student doctor. As I have sat there studying this summer it has crossed my mind about what I actually remember from first year and now as the second years take their boards they tell me, look at so and so this summer because they didn’t and ended up feeling like they had to learn it all over again. There are only a few more COMLEX test dates left in June, then our class of 2013 will move on to rotations, and class of 2014 will officially be the 2nd year class and in less than 365 days we will be taking boards preparing for life outside the walls of a school and no longer just being in a standardized clinic. This is kind of scary but at the same time one of the most amazing things I have ever been given the opportunity to do. So I will pass my test on Friday and pass my test at the end of July, take a break and then try to wrap my head around what the next year has in store for me and my friends.
If you would have asked me a year ago today what I would be doing this summer, there is no way I would have ever thought I would be one year closer to being a doctor, that Mike would be one flight away from having his pilot license, or that we would be so many steps closer to wanting to be what we have wanted to be when we grow up since both of us were little kids. It amazes me how fast life can change. Dr. Stewart was right when she called me last summer, “this one phone call has changed yours and your family’s lives forever.”


Since Saturday night was such a late night, 4 a.m. late, let’s just say I barely saw the light of the morning hours on Sunday. Somehow or another Mike and I ended up back at Natalie’s apartment.

I might have had cake for lunch?

The cake was a great start to a wonderful afternoon.  Mike took Natalie and Danielle on motorcycle rides.

While they were off adventuring on the motorcycle, I found a delicious looking recipe:

Oven-Fried Chicken With Crunchy Broccoli Slaw | Real Simple Recipes. When Natalie got back from riding the motorcycle with Mike, I said “Natalie will you make this for me for dinner?” and she so graciously told me that she would! We all got to eat right, so why not eat together. So we had to figure out what we needed and run to the grocery store. Within in the hour dinner was cooking, we were all watching basketball, munching on some vegetables, and just hanging out.

I think Natalie used a little bit of egg to get everything to stick properly and to add just a little bit more of home loving cooking goodness. I’m glad I have friends that are such good cooks. I’m glad I have friends that like to cook for me. I’m glad she likes to have us over at her house.  Our friends are the greatest!

dinner when there is none

What do you do for dinner when there is very little in your refrigerator to cook? First thing that always pops into my head is well maybe we should just go out to eat. No! Let’s use whatever we have in our refrigerator and in the cabinets and figure out something to eat. Some of my best meals have ended up being made this way. Well last night was one of those nights. I opened the cabinets and there sure was not much in them, but it was 8 o’clock and it had been a long day for both Mike and myself. I started pulling random things out of the fridge and trying to figure out how to put all of them together. A stir fry always seem to work some how or another.

I cut up broccoli, cauliflower, basil, bell peppers, and a red onion, then threw them into the skillet. Put some pasta on to boil and then started looking for some kind of sauce or something to put over all these delicious vegetables and pasta. We had absolutely no kind of dressing whatsoever in the house. Mike came to my rescue: he put together some vinegar, olive oil, basil and oregano.  The vegetables cooked while the pasta did. Once the pasta was finished we drizzled a small amount of dressing over it, put the remainder onto the vegetables and this is what we got:

I added a hard boiled egg for some protein. Delicious dinner, then leftovers for lunch all out of some random things in the cabinet and the refrigerator.