Cold sores I hate them

Until I got accepted to medical school I might get a cold sore every two maybe three years. Well this year has topped it off probably with the most cold sores that I have ever had in my life. I am lucky enough that when I get a cold sore I get it on the middle of my upper lip. Everyone says that you can’t see it and it doesn’t look so bad, it is not that it is just the nuisance to have one on my face. Thank goodness for abreva though, as soon as I start to feel any tingling on my lip I will run to the store to purchase some abreva. It will knock a cold sore down from a 2 week problem to maybe a week long problem. I definitely believe that they are stress induced or sunshine induced. One popped up on my face the day before medical school orientation started last August, I had one in the middle of spring semester, which also happen to occur around the time when we had 11 test in 5 weeks (or something like that), and now after spending a 4 day weekend in the beautiful sunshine I have another one.

Cold sores I just like you to know there are not very many things that I hate in life, but you just happen to be one of them. Please hurry and go away so that I will be able to kiss my husband. Since he has never had a cold sore in his life and I do not want to be the person that gives it to him.

Also now that I know what causes a cold sore and that everyone is exposed to the herpes simplex virus by the time they are 7 years old I don’t understand how some people could have never had a cold sore in their lives.  So for now I will use two wash towels on my face in the morning so that I do not spread the virus, I will put any towel or anything that touches my face in the dirty clothes after I use it, and apparently I am suppose to avoid stress and sunlight in order not to get anymore cold sores. Yeah good luck with that one!


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