How important are grades to you?

How important are grades to you?.

This is a very interesting concept that I didn’t get until I made it to medical school. I was not going to class in high school or in undergraduate to learn something, I was going to class to hear what I needed to know to take a test and then to pass the class with an excellent grade so that in the end it would get me into medical school. Now sitting at the end of my first year, I have had to learn how to study material to learn it, appreciate, hold on to it, and know it. These classes are for more than just a grade now, in the end they will give me a doctorate of osteopathic medicine, but the information that I am learning as a medical student is going to be the basis of information that I expand on throughout my career as a clinician.  High grades are great if I can make them, passing is a great feeling, and in the end it is going to be the information that I know and know how to apply that matters in the end, not if I was first in my class or last in my class, they will still call me doctor.

Strive for the greatest, expect nothing less, but if thats what I get I am sure I will turn out to be a great doctor. I bet there is not one person that has ever walked into a doctors office and said, “Before you evaluate what could be wrong with me can I please see your medical transcript and I need a few letters of recommendation.”

Just saying.


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