So here is another weird fact about me that I discussed last night with my husband, I like to squeeze zits, white heads, back heads, bug bites, really anything that is a bump I want to see if I can pop it. I don’t understand why I have this urge to see what kind of goo I can get to come out of bumps, zits, or whatever. It is actually pretty gross if you think about it. My husband swears that it is a female thing. He said his sister use to do it all the time to him and he knows other women that are wives/girlfriends that do the same things. Maybe because it is something that is not suppose to be there, or maybe because I don’t want people to think I or anyone else has acne, doesn’t wash very good, or anything else that could cause people to get all these little things on their bodies that need to be popped!

My Iphone even has an app on it called: Pimple Popper for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store, and I found all these other games that people play that are zit or black head popping games:


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