Since Saturday night was such a late night, 4 a.m. late, let’s just say I barely saw the light of the morning hours on Sunday. Somehow or another Mike and I ended up back at Natalie’s apartment.

I might have had cake for lunch?

The cake was a great start to a wonderful afternoon.  Mike took Natalie and Danielle on motorcycle rides.

While they were off adventuring on the motorcycle, I found a delicious looking recipe:

Oven-Fried Chicken With Crunchy Broccoli Slaw | Real Simple Recipes. When Natalie got back from riding the motorcycle with Mike, I said “Natalie will you make this for me for dinner?” and she so graciously told me that she would! We all got to eat right, so why not eat together. So we had to figure out what we needed and run to the grocery store. Within in the hour dinner was cooking, we were all watching basketball, munching on some vegetables, and just hanging out.

I think Natalie used a little bit of egg to get everything to stick properly and to add just a little bit more of home loving cooking goodness. I’m glad I have friends that are such good cooks. I’m glad I have friends that like to cook for me. I’m glad she likes to have us over at her house.  Our friends are the greatest!


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