Feel like a kid again

The weekend of June 19, 2011 is dedicated to father’s all around the world, a day or a weekend to celebrate father’s. Nobody’s life would be the same without their father. I have been walked down the isle, hugged, sat on his lap to cry, had tears of joy with, been yelled, learned many things from, and know that my life would not be the same if my dad was not in it. As scary as it is to admit apparently I am just like my dad in many many ways. You can take your pick of characteristics of my dad that I have . My dad loves to garden and has a beautiful yard, well a few weeks ago my sister took her radio flyer wagon home that he had been using for many years to pull things around the yard, to plant, to build, to do whatever dad’s do to their backyards. So we got my dad a wagon that can carry my mom and myself and Mike. So it is a pretty heavy duty wagon and should last quite awhile. Thanks dad for everything you have done for me in my life! Love you!


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