so you’re still together….

When you run into someone that you went to high school with and the first thing that comes out of their mouth is “I didn’t know you two were still together.” It makes me pretty irritated. Really Mike and I have been dating since a week after I turned 16 years old, October 16, 2000. Then it might make me even more irritated that people say that because we have been married for over two years, April 4, 2009. I just find it so frustrating when people say this, because they say it like they have heard all sorts of rumors about us breaking up or something. There have been no break-ups, no lets date other people, no I’m not sure anywhere in our relationship. People shouldn’t talk and spread rumors. So yes Mike and I are married and still together. Next time you see us, we will still be married and still be together and still be happy. I love Mike with all my heart and soul and have since the time that I turned 16. I know that some of these people thought that they were going to marry their high school sweet hearts and did not, well its very apparent why that didn’t work out for many of them. Relationships and marriage are based on trust, monogamy, love, and family.









But then there is a funny side to this because I can remember in junior high when my parents got a phone call early one morning from one of my parents friends. This was the Saturday morning after their 20th high school reunion started, it was their friend Danny and of course my mother answered the phone. Well instead of saying good morning to my mother he asked if Doug was there. When my dad got on the phone Danny asked my dad if that was Christy or did he have a new wife because he had heard that Friday night that my parents had gotten a divorce. NO, my parents were still married and happily married. The rumors that go around small towns that have to do with other people that unhappy people start are pretty interesting and sometimes amusing. Really though when you run into someone at the grocery store, a restaurant, really any place out in the public and they are with their spouse, don’t make it sound shocking that they are married or “still together.”

That is my rant for the day!


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