It all started with a text message

It all started with a random text message that Natalie sent last Friday night:

Natalie, “I want kabobs. haha when we get back if I make some deliciously monster ones will you and Mike have us over and could he grill them??? We’ll invite the loud family but I really just need a grill for sure! haha, also I hope your taking the night off to enjoy your success!!!!

Me, “Yes, Yes! and Yes! That sounds delicious.”

How do you say no to a text message like that. Of course I answered it before I even asked Mike if he would grill them for us. So we made a date for last night. I am so glad that Oklahoma has had some very beautiful evenings over the past couple of weeks because last night was perfect for setting on the back porch, watching the sun go down, firing the grill up, having some drinks like this Woodchuck Cider, or Mustang Brewing Company, maybe this Pacifico – The Tide Is In, and if all else fails Water – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Natalie brought over pork, New York Strip, and Chicken that she had spent the day marinating, along with onions and bell peppers.


So this is kind of what dinner turned out looking like. I have no idea what Natalie used to tenderize all this meat, I think she said she used some meat tenderizer and just some pepper, maybe a few other spices, but it was some of the most delicious steak, pork, and chicken that I have ever eaten.
Then for dessert she fed us grilled banana and peach kabobs with honey and cinnamon drizzled over them. I believe that Mike grilled them for 3 minutes on each side then Natalie drizzled the honey and cinnamon over them. These were some of the best desserts that I have eaten in the summertime. It was nice and light, but just sweet enough that it hit the spot for wanting something sweet to eat while having something just kind of healthy.
Thank you Natalie and Danielle for suggesting such a great evening and I am very glad that we could all gather at the house and have a great time on a Thursday evening!

2 thoughts on “It all started with a text message

    1. jennduroy Post author

      thanks for the comment! I love random text messages especially when they mean that I am going to get to spend the evening with some of the greatest ladies around


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