banana chocolate cake

I am not the cook in our house, Mike is the cook & baker in the house. Don’t get me wrong I try to cook things and am successful at cooking lots of different pretty simple stuff. Mike on the other hand if you give him a recipe or an idea he can pretty much make anything.

Natalie’s birthday was last night and since she is such a wonderful cook, Mike and I wanted her to have an amazing birthday cake. Mike suggested a banana chocolate cake but neither one of us were exactly sure where to start and what kind of icing to make with it. So, of course we turned to the food blogging world to try to find a recipe. I finally came across this blog, Janet Is Hungry: Chocolate Banana Cake, it had absolutely everything that we needed to make such a delicious sounding cake. I saw that it only had 6 or 7 steps in it and thought that it would not be any big deal to make at all. I apparently need to read in a little better detail, but after a labor intensive love of a cake was made it turned out looking just like the pictures, it tasted amazing, and all of the ladies in the Loud family thought it was great. Since there has been such phenomenal baking going on in the Loud family, it has been suggested that a Cake War or a Food War might begin. I am glad all of my Loud family loves to cook so that I can try it all out.

Thank you Mike for baking such a great cake for our wonderful friend Natalie’s birthday. Since this was the first cake that you have ever made, I can only imagine what else is to come and because Mike is such a great cook and baker maybe I will just stick with trying to be a food artisan.




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