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So why do I feel fat? I have felt this way for about 3 weeks now so I finally broke down and stepped on the scale tonight. That was a big mistake. I have gained 3.8 pounds in the past month and I have gained 12 pounds since medical school started. I feel like I am drinking about a gallon of water per day, I only drink one cup of coffee per day and I work out six days a week. I guess maybe my workouts aren’t hard enough, maybe I need to start adding some strength and endurance into every workout that I do. I know that this weight will come off, heck I lost 40 pounds 4 years ago, so I could be healthier, look awesome at my wedding, and look good in a bikini. I do not like the changes that have happened to my body and I need to fix them. Looks like I might be getting up earlier or trying to get two workouts a day in, eating more protein, keep NOT drinking any soda, keep training for the half marathon, all while keeping my head above water in the second year of medical school.

I need some cheers, some motivation, something to make me like the way I look in my skinny jeans again. Ugh I hate scales, I almost hate food now, but its a good thing I like to exercise. Now just to find the right kind of exercise.


There are so many things in life that make motivation lacking when you need motivation to kick you in the butt. Well last night I would say that the LOUD family ladies got some of the best motivation to kick butt this semester: LOUD family Disney World Trip.

There are 18 tests, 10.5 weeks, hours of studying, maybe some sleep, training for a marathon in 12 weeks, club meetings, birthdays, and maybe a few other things that stand between the LOUD family ladies and Disney World. Let’s learn ladies and then we can have fun!

thank you for the motivation, Popi Rick Hastings!

commitment to staying healthy

The first year of medical school was overwhelming and of course it came with a nice weight gain and a lack of endurance. Well my lovely friend Brooke ( Life Love and Med School.), is a runner just like me and we decided to make the commitment to run the Route 66 Half Marathon  on November 20. We are two weeks into our training. I love running and my body is starting to figure out that it has to get up at 6 am in order for me to get my morning run in and get ready for class by 8 am. The accountability of knowing that Brooke is going to be at the school at 630 am every morning makes me get my butt out of bed, to not only disappoint her, but to be a good running and workout partner.

Here is our training program. Half Marathon Training: Intermediate.

Running feels great and my body has missed the sweat, missed the sore muscles, and missed my jeans being loose!


The first weekend of the 2nd year of medical school was a totally different situation than the first weekend of the first year of medical school. There were no questions of what should I be doing? what should  I be studying? Do I have time to do anything but study? None of these things came through my head on Saturday and Sunday. When I went home and packed my bag on Friday night I knew exactly what I needed to go over this weekend and knew that not spending every moment that I was awake studying was okay. It was okay to spend some time with the husband, go for a morning run, make sure I got some sleep so any studying that I did actually counted. Don’t get me wrong I had to study, have to stay caught up, have to work hard, but this year so far the light at the end of the tunnel is not so dim, it is still a very long ways away, but it is believable that this is doable. Having a schedule, having a moment to look up and maybe eat something is so far manageable.

Clinical Problem Solving, Pathology, Psychiatry, Pharmacology, Multicultural health, HP/DP, Rural Medicine, OMM, Clinical Skills, Anatomy TA: this is what second year is about, learning how to apply what I learned last year and learning how to be a physician.

Stay Calm, if not get up and RUN, then try to STAY CALM again….

new school year new attitude

This is the seat that I have been firmly planted in for the past year and here I sit again as a second year medical student. I wish someone could have relayed the rational of how calm and collected you feel as a second year medical student as compared to your first day of medical school as an OMS-I.

Sitting through three days of class has been interesting and I feel like I know how to learn this stuff and am learning it in lecture and at home. So moral to the story is Robert K. Ewing, D.O. I will keep you company for the rest of the semester, well that is hoping that construction will get started and then finished in the next 4 months so that the Class of 2014 can move on to a new renovated Merkel auditorium, the 1st year class can come back to our campus, and life progresses on.


2nd year is really better than first year. Its going to be hard, but manageable, our professors are only the people who wrote the book on this stuff! Teach me what I need to know and I shall study hard, pass 2nd year, boards and one day be in a clinic. I think I am ready for this, well if not I better hold on because it has already started.