new school year new attitude

This is the seat that I have been firmly planted in for the past year and here I sit again as a second year medical student. I wish someone could have relayed the rational of how calm and collected you feel as a second year medical student as compared to your first day of medical school as an OMS-I.

Sitting through three days of class has been interesting and I feel like I know how to learn this stuff and am learning it in lecture and at home. So moral to the story is Robert K. Ewing, D.O. I will keep you company for the rest of the semester, well that is hoping that construction will get started and then finished in the next 4 months so that the Class of 2014 can move on to a new renovated Merkel auditorium, the 1st year class can come back to our campus, and life progresses on.


2nd year is really better than first year. Its going to be hard, but manageable, our professors are only the people who wrote the book on this stuff! Teach me what I need to know and I shall study hard, pass 2nd year, boards and one day be in a clinic. I think I am ready for this, well if not I better hold on because it has already started. 


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