So why do I feel fat? I have felt this way for about 3 weeks now so I finally broke down and stepped on the scale tonight. That was a big mistake. I have gained 3.8 pounds in the past month and I have gained 12 pounds since medical school started. I feel like I am drinking about a gallon of water per day, I only drink one cup of coffee per day and I work out six days a week. I guess maybe my workouts aren’t hard enough, maybe I need to start adding some strength and endurance into every workout that I do. I know that this weight will come off, heck I lost 40 pounds 4 years ago, so I could be healthier, look awesome at my wedding, and look good in a bikini. I do not like the changes that have happened to my body and I need to fix them. Looks like I might be getting up earlier or trying to get two workouts a day in, eating more protein, keep NOT drinking any soda, keep training for the half marathon, all while keeping my head above water in the second year of medical school.

I need some cheers, some motivation, something to make me like the way I look in my skinny jeans again. Ugh I hate scales, I almost hate food now, but its a good thing I like to exercise. Now just to find the right kind of exercise.


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