is there anyplace left to rent?

What to watch on TV or a movie?

I have watched 3 complete seasons of “Breaking Bad”,









caught up on all of “Grey’s Anatomy”,








but could probably watch every season all over again, watched “Bridesmaids”, random John Wayne movies, and of course the “Nightly News with Brian Williams” and “Rock Center.” After watching all of these things  I have discovered that the “Red Box” and the “Blockbuster Box” are the only places left to go to rent movies.



















There are no longer any Hollywood Videos, Hastings, or Family Videos that I have been able to locate in Tulsa, America. My question is “Are there any of these places left anywhere?”

Since we were not able to find one of these places to see if I could rent the fourth season of Breaking Bad, because this all that I really want to watch, we have decided to download a movie from ITunes. Guess I will keep the search going.


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