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Guess that’s something to look forward to?



– Are you Jasmine? No, Tenelle? No, Daniel? Ahhh, Anastasia.

– Here, have a cookie, dear, you look pekish.

– You can’t talk to me, I’m not even here! I’m on morning tea!

– Poor new doctors. They look like little lost puppies.

– You are so pretty and stylish. You must be from Melbourne.

– Can you re-chart Mr Smith’s meds ASAP? No, the next dose is not due for another 3 hrs. Yes, it’s still urgent.

– Yes, I can fax this for you. Yes, I will do the ECG. Yes, I will pass it on to the nurse who is looking after your patient. Yes, I will find the chart that you were carrying around and lost somewhere in the ward. No, I don’t do bloods.


– Hello, Mr Wendell. I’m one of the doctors who will be looking after you. Yes, all  female doctors…

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National Rural Health


Something I already new but interesting facts:
21% greater risk of anxiety disorder
39% greater risk of mood disorder
Greater risk of schizophrenia
Have all been found to correlate to being born, raised, and living in the city. More reason to go rural? Our speaker said Tulsa might not fall under this. I strongly disagree with that. We might not be up to par with cities like LA or New York, but I can personally say living in Tulsa is more stressful than living in Ponca City or any rural town.
Well, what is rural? Geography, population density: 1000 per square mile is urban and 6 per square mile is frontier. Distance from urban city, culture, disparities, shortages. All of these things define what rural is.
Rural health disparities: 19.5% report poor health, 27.4% found to be in the obese BMI category, less likely to engage in vigorous physical activity, and higher incidence of cardiovascular disease. These people need healthcare and need it now.
As a rural doctor you get a wider base if a practice, have more community interactions, can have greater impact on your patients health. You actually know your patients too. What better reasons to be a doctor in rural Oklahoma or rural anywhere.
Did I mention that you can get your student loans paid back? There is lots of money out there just waiting to BR spent to pay back your loans. I would much rather have someone else pay my loans back, plus pay me to do what I love and for people that I will know and care about.
Nobody has to convince me, but if you haven’t ever looked into it, rural is quite a bit bigger than you thought it was.
Do a rural rotation!



So I seem to have a problem with misplacing things. I think this is only an occasional problem, but if you were to ask my husband he would probably tell you I do it all the time. He would also probably tell you that where he puts things down at I don’t think they always belong there, so I will move them.  Later when he comes back to find them, of course they are not there and then he has to track me down, good thing our house is not very big, to find out where I put them. This does NOT happen as much as it used too.

Recently, over the past two months our iPhone/iPad chargers have been disappearing. I told Mike that I thought they were just turning into snakes or something and slithering off. He didn’t buy it. So we made a deal: I had until he got his car back from the dealership (which was today) to find my iPhone cable if I wanted to have a charge on my phone anytime after, well today.  Last night my phone started to die, I didn’t want to ask him to use the one cord that was charging his iPad or the one that charges his iPhone (its in the bedroom and really hard to unplug).  So I decided to search for mine. Surely between the 2 iPods, iPod touch, 2 iPhones, and his iPad there had to be more than two charging cables in our entire house. The search was on.

Finally, I decided to go through some of my things that came out of my carrel and what did I find? Yes, that’s right I found 3 iPhone chargers. So now my phone will stay alive and I am responsible for my 3 cables and will leave his alone.

Hope mine don’t decided to play a game of hide ‘n’ seek again.


Brain on dehydration

Great way to start spring semester: having dizzy spells off and on all day. That’s what my past two weeks of life have been like. This is not fun when you look up from a book really fast, trying to hold a yoga pose, or while running.
Well being the self-diagnosing medical student that I have become I decided to use the handy dandy first consult: MCC of dizziness in an adult female 25-30 years of age, yes that’s right you guessed it: dehydration! Not PG. Come to think about it my consumption of liquids has become predominately coffee and tea. Maybe I will start carrying around one of these:

Make sure I drink a couple of them a day for now on. Plus it will help get rid of this stomach bug I caught over the weekend.


Last night I think I slept better than I have since we moved into our house a year and a half ago. I am not exactly sure why, but I have a couple of hypothesis:
1. Didn’t spend the weekend being stressed out about school
2. Got up early Monday morning
3. Good workout for the day
4. Clean sheets (one of my favorite things is to get into bed that is freshly made, tucked in tight sheets)
5. Mike was home and in bed with me
6. Blackout curtains: I am not sure why we have never invested in these, or made them ourselves until now. Best fraction of my time spent making something for the bedroom was this addition. No more light peaking through a crack in the curtains hitting Mike or myself in the face first thing when the sun comes up. The only downside to this new addition of the bedroom: when I woke up this morning I had absolutely no clue what time of day it was until I opened our door and there was lots of sunshine beaming through the windows on the east side of the house!

realized this today….

I realized this today: It has almost been three years since Mike and I got married, and I have procrastinated in actually ordering pictures or an album from our wedding photographer. I have the disc with all of the pictures on it, so I have some prints from the wedding, my parents, and in-laws have pictures too. We still have a huge credit that came with our package to order pictures or an album.

New goal before spring break: pick out what album and pictures I need to order over spring break. Have album or some beautiful photograph from the wedding for our 3rd anniversary.

Some of my favorites!

Best photographers:  Colorband PhotoArtisans, thank you Roy & Jamie for such great photographs and letting me be a procrastinator on ordering our wedding pictures.

MOM turning 50

1962: This was the year that my mother was born. On January 19th of this month she will be celebrating her birthday, the big 5-0! We had little celebration last week for her since she will be someplace a lot more fun and warm than Ponca City, OK.  We had a great turn out and I appreciate and I know that she appreciates everyone coming over to celebrate her birthday with her.

Day in the air.

Yesterday was a beautiful day to spend flying. January days without cold wind are hard to come by in Oklahoma.


The G-1000 is pretty neat, makes navigation seem pretty simple.


Must do all of your pre-flight checks.





Goodbye Tulsa.




Picking up our passengers.





Beautiful Oklahoma sunset.




Flying in the dark was fun. A tailwind sure makes you get places a whole lot faster!