Most of the time when you are reading the review of drinks, I think it is mostly different types of wine. Well instead of having a wine tasting party, the men of the Loud family had a Scotch tasting. There are many kinds of scotch and many that are really old. In scotch years, the older you are the more money you cost. It was interesting to listen to the descriptions of the different types of scotch: smooth going down but rough after taste, has a hint of caramel, this one smells like brown sugar, this one has a rustic smell. Here’s the next question: do you drink the scotch on the rocks, with water, or straight? What should you use to cleanse the palate between the different types of scotch? Celery and bread seemed to work well. I think the guys had a good time exploring scotch, maybe since the women of our family like to try different wines, maybe the men will keep up the new tradition of exploring different types of scotch or whiskey? I wonder if you can go to a distillery to tour and have your own tasting?











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