LIfe is crazy and ridiculous sometimes. Life hurts sometimes. LIfe is confusing sometimes. Life is so full of people, places, and things that need to be done. Life sucks. LIfe is great. Life cannot, unfortunately take a break. Come home after an exhausting day, mentally and emotionally, and just need to be angry, upset, and pissed off at the world. I already ran once today, but maybe another one will help as well as a good cry. P.S. being a girl sucks.  OR maybe this book and set of questions will open the light on kidneys. I hate kidneys, the only thing I want to know about them is if they are or are not working. Guess  I will need to know a little more than that for Friday and probably boards, but they will not be joining me in daily life practice of medicine in the future.

Oh, and I think we will have spaghetti squash for dinner.


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