HI! I’m student doctor Duroy and I will be examining you today.

Writing my first H&P:  what is an H&P? How long is this going to take? How many questions do I have to ask? What all do I have to examine?  what does that word mean? Oh, good thing this is just on a family member.

Second year H&P 3 week of fall semester: oh! I think I remember that I did one of these at some point during the spring semester. I have an hour and a half, that’s a really long time! Surely I won’t need to use it all. Well that was a wrong assumption to make.  Maybe I should practice with this stuff a little more.

Second year H&P spring semester: I know what word means. Maxwell’s is my friend. Scunt Monkey is pretty cool.

CC:HPI:PHM:PSH:Allergies:Social Hx: Meds: ROS: does this need to be focused or all-inclusive? Physical exam: Did I forget anything? Oh, I even did some extra test. These patients aren’t as scary as I remember them being. I am not sweating as much as I remember. I know how to use these tools.

Dang it, I knew I forgot something. Definitely need more practice. Let’s see what I can come up with.

Maybe one day this will come as second nature?

7 thoughts on “h&p

  1. TrishaDM

    It will become second nature in no time… You will be able to do it in your sleep, which will prove useful for busy call. The beauty is that in real life you will see the patient again 90% of the time to ask what you miss or overlooked.

  2. TrishaDM

    I may have already said this… If so, I am sorry. My initial attempt to comment caused WordPress to crash, but anyway… H&P taking becomes second nature in no time once you are on he floors. You will be able to do them in your sleep, which is useful for busy call shifts. Plus, in real life, you often see the patient again 90% of the time, so you can clarify or ask the few details you missed or need to re-evaluate.


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