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First assist

We had the opportunity today to learn how to be first assist in surgery. The opportunities that we have been given as second year medical students makes me feel that we aren’t 100% being thrown to the wolves when we start clinical rotations as 3rd year medical students in July. Don’t get me wrong, we are learning the bare minimum basic principles of how to conduct ourselves in a hospital, operating room, or clinic and still have SO much to learn. We are just very blessed to be given all of these opportunities by our school collaborating with the amazing teachers, programs, and students at Tulsa Tech.
This was great timing in the semester. One more thing to keep me motivated to get me through boards. 8 weeks, 8 weeks.



new personal journey

So I am starting a new journey this week. Well maybe not a new journey a continued one that is a hard struggle sometimes. I have to remember that my well-being, health, and fitness level are directly reflective of the person that I am and of the person that I hope to be.  I joined Team Beach Body as an independent coach. I am using Shakeology ( and am starting a new workout program called Insanity Asylum ( I have a great support system and hope that I can be a great support system for people looking to get healthier and more fit.

I am planning on using my blog to help keep me accountable to my workout/health & fitness partner, Lindsey Bastemeyer. Plus I can fill anybody else in on how great Insanity is or anything else I am doing to help me fit into my skinny jeans, have more energy, and be happier and healthier. I am hoping that I will have people join me along the way of this continued journey to health and wellness.


So as we were standing there debating whether or not to purchase these solar lights for our yard an older gentleman walks up and starts loading boxes of these lamps into his cart. He said, “these are normally $70-$80 a set. You should get them.”
So of coarse we grabbed a box, bought them home, and started to take the lamps out of the box. These lights are so big we might be able to make a small runway out of them.
Good deal. Good lights. Bright yard at night.

Grown-up wardrobe

Today was a really long day. Up early to finish reviewing a few things before the pathology exam and then a grueling 2 hours of an immunology/endocrine/autoimmune exam. I then proceeded home to realize I have very few actual dress clothes that are comfortable that I could see myself spending a full day in.
•have many pairs of jeans that have holes in the knees
• enough American Apparel t-shirts to wear for about 3 weeks, that say something about OSU Medicine
•1 pair of flats
•many pairs of heels that I know I could wear all day, but my feet might hate me by the end of the day
• multiple variations of black dresses
• 4 pairs of dress pants
• I made myself proud today, I bought a dress with color in it. There were many, many more dresses with beautiful pinks, greens, yellows, and blues in them. Skirts, tops, cardigans, and beautiful shoes that I am going to have to budget to buy!

• I am glad I have this girl to help me pick out these fun and professional outfits.

So there’s my rant about my awful closet that needs improvement.

Found this.


As I was cleaning out some files last night I came along this quote on a card. This card was signed by some of the greatest friends I ever had. When I lived by and worked with them, my success was based on their overall accomplishments because I was their coach, instructor, and friend. Now I look at this quote and have to look within myself.