This was good

I needed this tonight. It was a little warm, but it made me feel like I was definitely getting my workout in for today. Managing rotations and marathon training might be a little difficult, but manageable. I just have to stay motivated.
Running is kind of what I do.
Relief of stress, workout, and I live how I feel afterwards.

2 thoughts on “This was good

  1. magzmd

    How do you manage the marathon training? I can barely motivate myself to go out and run a mile after a day of med school. Any tips for me as I try to get back in shape while starting rotations?

    1. jennduroy Post author

      It has been hard staying motivated, especially since I am working 5-5. After I come home and rest for awhile it is finally cool enough outside for me to think about running before it gets to dark outside. I try to remember how much better I feel after I run or do any form of workout and I think that is what makes me get my butt off of the couch. One thing you could also consider is looking at some at home workouts. I am a beachbody coach so I try to let my peers help keep me motivated. I also downloaded an app that gives little motivational speeches throughout my workout. Also I am always looking for an accountability partner.


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