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realized this today….

I realized this today: It has almost been three years since Mike and I got married, and I have procrastinated in actually ordering pictures or an album from our wedding photographer. I have the disc with all of the pictures on it, so I have some prints from the wedding, my parents, and in-laws have pictures too. We still have a huge credit that came with our package to order pictures or an album.

New goal before spring break: pick out what album and pictures I need to order over spring break. Have album or some beautiful photograph from the wedding for our 3rd anniversary.

Some of my favorites!

Best photographers:  Colorband PhotoArtisans, thank you Roy & Jamie for such great photographs and letting me be a procrastinator on ordering our wedding pictures.













There was lots of delicious cooking happening in our kitchen last night. Mike made a wonderful calzone ring for our anniversary dinner. I know it might not sound like what most people would want for an anniversary dinner, but my husband is quite the amazing baker and cook. I think he might have some Italian heritage in him. Bell peppers, onions, sausage, pepperonis,garlic, grilled chicken, and a little bit of red sauce, made for a great dinner. Homemade is the way to go with anything, especially pizza and calzone.