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date night

Olive Garden, Wal-Mart, & sitting on the couch for 2 hours just talking to each other.

This might not be some peoples idea of a date night, but it was the best night that I have had in about 2 weeks. Of course there was studying that should have been happening but my marriage and my sanity had to take priority. To be married to a medical student in or any kind of relationship with a medical student has to be stressful. As a medical student so much of life is about prioritizing your time and making sure that every minute of your day is productive, this seems to make relationships more difficult than the average relationship. I think we definitely learning the meaning of what it takes to be married and be married successfully.

The best thing about date night was getting to talk. Talking to my husband and listening to him talk was amazing. He probably gets sick of hearing all the interesting medical knowledge I am gaining and then the interesting things I am starting to learn about what it takes to work in a rural community and then the exciting part of my day that is sitting in a study carrel trying to learn. I absolutely love listening to all the cool things he is getting to do earning his pilot license and his degree. He gets to solo fly for the first time in a couple of weeks. I am so excited for him…. there will be details to follow.