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I have been working on my baking and cooking skills this weekend. Mike turned 29, so I attempted to make one of the greatest cakes I’ve ever made. Chocolate and strawberry zebra striped with cream cheese icing.












Just keep swimming

I sing this to myself as I am running. “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming….” thanks Dorie (Finding Nemo).

After having this duck given to me today after listening to residents, the residency director, and coordinator of NW Residency program talk to our school today, I decided I need to “keep swimming” for the rest of this semester and through boards. Then maybe I can float for a couple weeks in June and get back to swimming in July.

“just keep swimming!”

Tired and apparently hungry

Long day. Long night. Not eating out or eating sweets. We’ve been gone all weekend. I’ve got to study. When was the last time I ate. I think it’s 930 pm?


Now that’s love. Grilled cheese and cuties. That will be great until the next time I need to eat dinner.


Nice surprise to the husband when he got home: I wasn’t studying I was making dinner.  We had yams, apples, and butterfly pork-chops. These sounded like a really odd combination of foods to me when I first saw the recipe, but turned out to be just the right mixture of sweet and pepper.

Most productive study break I ha ve had today.

Oh, and I am already over you pharmacology. The endocrine drugs suck.



Great lunch

So for the next 37 days, minus a date night each week, I am not eating out or eating any sweets. I love sweets and vegetables so I guess I will replace my sweets with more vegetables.
Yesterday instead of grabbing lunch somewhere on my way home from school, I came home for a Friday afternoon lunch. Mike had cleaned the kitchen and was trying to figure out what to make for lunch with what we had in our cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer.
Chicken Alfredo! That sounds really good. Then we had to look up how to make Alfredo sauce. We found this recipe: better than olive garden Alfredo sauce
I would have to 100% agree with the name. Found out that you can substitute butter and evaporated milk for heavy whipping cream and you don’t necessarily have use as much cream cheese as it calls for, but it was pretty delicious.

This was a fantastic lunch! Accompanied by some good tea.

Great way to start my Friday afternoon off! We don’t need restaurants to have delicious food at our house.


Most of the time when you are reading the review of drinks, I think it is mostly different types of wine. Well instead of having a wine tasting party, the men of the Loud family had a Scotch tasting. There are many kinds of scotch and many that are really old. In scotch years, the older you are the more money you cost. It was interesting to listen to the descriptions of the different types of scotch: smooth going down but rough after taste, has a hint of caramel, this one smells like brown sugar, this one has a rustic smell. Here’s the next question: do you drink the scotch on the rocks, with water, or straight? What should you use to cleanse the palate between the different types of scotch? Celery and bread seemed to work well. I think the guys had a good time exploring scotch, maybe since the women of our family like to try different wines, maybe the men will keep up the new tradition of exploring different types of scotch or whiskey? I wonder if you can go to a distillery to tour and have your own tasting?