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When Will I Learn?

I have a list of things in my head of things that I need to do and things that I want to do. Unfortunately, these things do not always match up. When will I learn that when I am given an assignment I shouldn’t wait until the last minute to look information up.  I say this not because I am in a panic to get things done, but because I have a list of things I need to look up and of course the website that I need to use is not working correctly. I guess the information that I have on my iPad, which is dead, will have to suffice. Guess this task can wait a little longer, I guess.

According to Wikipedia: Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the “last minute”.


the wards

Monday morning is the beginning of something I have been waiting on for a very long time: The time that I no longer have to sit in a classroom and the beginning of 3rd year clinical rotations.

I have my stethoscope, panoptic ophthalmoscope, “Maxwell’s”, “Practical Guide to The Care of the Medical Patient” pocket book, black pens, pin light, different medical apps loaded on my iphone, and “Sanford’s Guide to Antibiotics”.  Should I pack a lunch, do I put snacks in my pockets, do I need a toy since I am going to be on peds? Many, many questions. Guess it will be trial by fire.

Class of 2014 let’s show them what we got!



Never know how many lives on life touches. Never know when your last conversation with someone will be. Makes you stop and think about the simple things, the complicated things, and the things that just don’t really make any sense.

Cherish those you love.
Thoughts, love, and prayers for the family, my family.
God is great! And when you get to the golden gates of heaven those who have passed before you will be waiting to welcome you home.

New Years

Happy 2012.
Had a great new years party with the awesome family and friends.
Mike and I spent the day grocery shopping, cleaning, and then in the kitchen all afternoon. I love cooking with Mike, he is so helpful and such a great cook.
On the menu for the night was roasted pork loin, beanie weenies in a blanket, spicy hummus, homemade pita chips, vegetable tray full of carrots, celery (which was apparently just the right texture and excellent), grape tomatoes, twice baked potatoes, beer bread (which I love), rotel dip, rice crispies, and cheesecake. So I don’t think anybody went hungry!
I didn’t realize how much alcohol was at my house last night until I started cleaning up. Bacardi Razz, Bacardi Gold, Amaretto, Segrahm’s Seven, Scotch, Vodka, Disaronno, and many different assortments of beer, Asti, Yellow tail champaign, and some wine, so everyone had a good time.
Apples to Apples and Kings

Is the game we spent a couple of hours playing. Jacob Bernard Rules of Kings:
1. Cards 1-8 if they are red you take that many drinks and if the card is black you give that many drinks.
2. 9: make a rhyme and everyone else has to make a rhyme with your word.
3. 10: categories
4. Jacks: all the men drink
5. Queens: all the ladies drink
6. Kings: get to make a rule (say wishy washy after everything you say or my favorite you cannot say drink, drank, or drunk). These rules got to be kind of ridiculous but fun throughout the night!

Thank goodness for alarms being set on phones so we didn’t miss the new year! Champaign, kisses, and a little bit of yelling brought in the new year with the Loud Family.
Had random people partying at the neighbors house wonder into our yard. The Rules of meeting a stranger on new years in the front yard were established last night by Colt:
1. Don’t ever give your real name
2. Teach someone how to do a proper handshake (no limp wrist and be firm but don’t crush the other person’s hand)
3. Drag as much information out of them as possible: about their life, careers, where they live, and relationship status
4. Make sure they don’t ash in your yard
5. Tell them you don’t believe in drinking alcohol, while holding a beer

And then to finish the night off you have to have some fabulous YouTube videos displayed on the tv. Check out the series Guy on a Buffalo and Nature Walk! Hilarious, but don’t blame me if you have this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day!
guy on a buffalo and
nature walk

Loud family dinners

Owen named us perfectly “The Loud Family”. Dinner was great! Thank you Rick and Carolyn, I am super glad you have taken the four of us girls in as part of your family. I don’t know what I’d do without these ladies. We have only been out of school for a couple of weeks and I can’t believe how much time we actually spent together during the semester. Lots of fun, lots of good times ahead of the Loud Family for the summer of 2011!


It is time to celebrate, it is time to relax, it is time to sit and visit with friends. It is the time of year that I am assuming all first year medical students look forward to: summer. Yesterday was our last two finals of the first year of medical school. Then getting to sit in the outfield of our wonderful little baseball field, watch two hilarious baseball games, in which the OMS-1 team dominated. Good food, good drinks, and good friends finished the night. “Mike I am not setting and alarm, well actually making sure they are all turned off, so I can just wake up when I wake-up.”  Goodbye first year of medical school, it was not as big of an emotional outlet as I thought it was going to be, it was more of well I don’t have anything to study for, what do I do now!?!?

It was 10:30 a.m. when I woke up this morning, it was nice, really nice.

well it all boils down to this

In less than 12 hours I will officially be done with all of my first year medical school lectures. There are 3 days until the first day of finals. Then the week and half of finals will begin on Monday morning. A semester of hard work. I didn’t know how this semester was going to pan out. There have been so many more long nights of studying and learning, pots of coffee, many short breaks for dinner and a hello to the husband, numerous hours spent in my study carrel, my office, and in lecture. Thank goodness I do not smell like the anatomy lab everyday of the week this semester. This semester something finally clicked.

In 12 short hours OMS-I class is over. The weekend before finals has begun, the final countdown of the first year of medical school. How did I get here? How did these past 10 months go by so fast. First year its been real, you have been an eye opener, being a doctor is going to be well worth it.

Hours of parasites, mycology, endocrinology, neuroanatomy, clinical skill, OMM, clinical epidemiology, labs, and then May 17th I will be able to get an entire night of sleep. Less than 2 weeks left of first year! Here goes!

much needed

This semester has been a test of endurance, positive self thought, motivation, and being positive for my friends. Last night was one of the best get togethers that we have had since school started. After a long semester things are finally starting to wind down to wind back up in order to finish my first year of medical school.

The best girls in my life that I could ever ask all came to my house and brought wine, dessert, salad, and we had the fish, chips and beer to go with it. As the men stood outside and cooked we all hung out while finishing all the fixings for dinner. Then we actually all got to sit out on the patio in the backyard and talk, well if you know us we don’t just talk, we are known as the LOUD family in some circles. So we have taken this name and embraced it. We work our tails off trying to learn as much as we can and be able to apply it one of these days so that we can have a great time and enjoy ourselves once every 100 or so days, and I mean literally every 100+ days because most the time we are running from one fire to another trying to burn it out with all the knowledge that we have and move on to the next thing while trying to remember everything that we burnt the previous one out with.

The 8 girls and I ate, drank, laughed, cried, told stories, got loud, had all sorts of estrogen running through the house, which is maybe why the guys stayed in the backyard. What an amazing night for forming those bonds with these amazing women that always going to be a part of my life now. We will venture through medical school together, then through weddings, having babies (one of these women will probably deliver my children), deciding what kind of physicians we want to be, establishing lives, going on fun vacations together and everything else that life has in store for us because lets face it, there is not an experience that any of us have been through that bonds are formed like we have made in the short 9 months that we have known each other.

The weekend of Easter what a great weekend for this time of the semester to fall on. Time to have fellowship with friends and family, a time to look at our lives and know that this is where God has taken me and is giving me the strength, intelligence, and means to get through this thing they call medical school and he blessed me with these amazing woman to go on this journey with.

Haley, Brooke, Natalie, Danielle, TaRynn, & Megan thanks for being these people! Thanks for being some of the amazing women that are going to be the physicians of America in a few short years, and thank you for being those girls that can get crazy and have a good time when we know that we are all in this together and that second year for all of us except Megan, who third year, is just right around the corner. Can you believe it….. finals are all that stand between us and the next small step to becoming physicians. The time we have together is amazing!

What more could a girl ask for……

P.S. Men in our lives you are all amazing for going through this adventure with us!

What? it’s only Thursday!

Life has brought many things my way. This week was a test of how much endurance I had left in me to get through the last test of the semester of first year, well that is if you don’t count finals.  At lunch when we ran to get coffee before the microbiology test, I felt that this was a sign of how the rest of my day was going to go. What a perfect shape, in a perfect drink, to a day that needed some sunshine added to it.

After sitting in a lecture hall for two and half hours taking a test, then sitting in a computer lab with some wonderful friends talking about how this semester has been a whirlwind of ups, downs, hopes, dreams, anger, and extreme mental and emotional exhaustion, we decided to go shopping and have a happy hour drink. Happy hour is a big deal to us medical students, because when do we ever leave the school in time to make it to a restaurant, let along a bar before happy hour is over. This was a beautiful and tasty drink that made me pretty happy and talkative.

Charts, graphs, and flow charts is all I have in my mind as images of what this week has been. Even after the week of neuroanatomy and physiology, test that cause extreme anxiety, this was the class and test to make or break my semester. Medical school takes late nights, early dinner, lots of coffee, understanding spouses, and amazing friends to get you through the day. Gram negative, Gram positive, catalase positive or negative, I ask myself how much do these things matter. What disease does this cause? What are going to be the signs and symptoms? What scientist postulated this? How did he prove this? How does this antibiotic work and when should you prescribe it? These are all the things that I have spent the last week trying to figure out. Last night something clicked.

Even though I felt like this during the week and my friends felt like this during the week, somehow we managed to survive. I wanted to run kicking and screaming when I woke up this morning that I wasn’t sure if anything I had spent the last six days studying every extra minute and during my scheduled studies hours that I could. Yet success has happened. It is true if I can make it through finals week in a few weeks, I will be one of the second years next year laying on the floor this time of year studying for my pathology test. Thank you second year class for being super supportive, understanding, and motivating.

When the last test grades are posted before finals week…. It is time to figure out the grade that you need to get the grade that you want in the class. No matter what your measure of success is, C, B, or A all that you need to know is what you need to get that grade. It is a good thing sometimes that your friends are there to help you figure out how to do math, because your brain is fried!

Oh! and did I mention to start this week off I survived performing my first male genital exam and prostate exam. This was a rather interesting situation, that I knew one day was going to happen and thank god it had to happen in a standardized setting. I am so glad that I am not one of those future physicians that this encounter did not happen until I was an intern or with another one of my fellow students, talk about awkward! The instruments for the male exam are sure a lot more simpler than those used in the female genital exam, pap smear, and bimanual exam.

It is only Thursday of this week and so much has happened. My mental and emotional states have been tested. My faith has been tested and I truly believe this is where  I am meant to be and all the abilities that I have been given are truly a blessing.